Video: Young Jeezy – I’m Just Sayin’ Tho

Jeezy must still feel all Trap or Die 2 ish. With Thug Motivation: 103 still set to drop later in the year, the boy from Atlanta continues to come up with more and more visuals for his lauded mixtape. Now, “All White Everything” needs a visual Mr. Jenkins. Grab Decatur Dan and make that happen.

Video: Young Jeezy – Stop Playin’ Wit Me x My Camaro

Young Jeezy – I’m Just Sayin’

Another day, another leak off Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary. That image above happens to be of all the hard pressed copies that will be distributed out in promotion of not only the tape but Thug Motivation 103 which apparently has gotten a June 22nd release date. Props to Decatur Dan. DOWNLOAD: […]

Young Jeezy – Hood Politics (Video)

Young Jeezy – Trap or Die II (Trailer)