President Obama’s Controversial Chipotle Visit Is Grounds For Impeachment


President Obama has faced many a crisis during his six years in the White House. Health care, the Iraq War, Bengazhi, all serious moments where he had to use tact to tell the American people that order would be restored and faith need be had and whatever political onus you could think of. His biggest […]

Virginia Politicans Want To Keep VA Couples From Gettin’ Head Because, ‘Murica


Virginia’s for lovers right? Not according to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli who apparently is trying to put something into motion that would ban oral and anal sex between consenting adults in Virginia. That’s right Virginia, your God given right to do whatever you want in the bedroom whether you’re gay or straight is about to […]

On Filibust-HER 2013; or The Message Texas Republicans Are Sending to Women

Wendy Davis - Kirk Watson - Zaffirini_SB5

I’ll try to articulate my thoughts as well as Lil’ B did. Few legislative efforts in Texas attracted as much controversy and attention as Senate Bill 5 (SB 5), dubbed “the abortion bill.” Molded over the last few months, SB 5 was most known for two likely consequences of the bill’s passage: one, all but […]

The Supreme Court Made #NewRules About The Voting Rights Act Yesterday


In 1964, the Supreme Court issued new rules when it came to being able to vote in this country. It was what Martin Luther King pushed for when he marched on Washington the year prior and was one of the pinnacle moments of the Civil Rights Movement. Black people across the country could vote without […]

That Time Michelle Obama Broke Out Her Bout-That-Life-Ness At A Fundraiser

Michelle Obama_fundraiser

Those of us raised in Black households know that interrupting a Black woman while she’s talking is simply something you just don’t do without getting the taste slapped out of your mouth. Tuesday night, one woman learned that lesson the hard way (albeit figuratively, while the rest of us were schooled quite literally when we […]

John Kerry’s Black Senate Replacement, Mo Cowan, Makes History

William 'Mo' Cowan

In light of John Kerry headed back to Washington to assist President Barack Obama as Secretary of State, the state of Masschusetts was in need of someone to take Kerry’s vacant seat in the U.S. Senate. Although former Congressional representative Barney Frank was heavily pushing for the position, Massachusetts state governor Deval Patrick opted instead […]

Crew Think: What’s The Right Gun Control Stance?


With the increasing reoccurrence of school shootings, the government is facing what many consider their biggest domestic task of late outside of its fiscal woes; trying to appease Americans on both sides of the gun control aisle. Yet the question remains, will stricter laws prevent such atrocities? With so many differing opinions being thrown around […]

Tagg Romney: “[Mitt] Had No Desire To Become President”

Mitt Romney And Supporters Attend Caucus Night Event

Call it revealing news or the quotes of someone still a bit “bitter” from the end of it all but Tagg Romney, Mitt’s son and campaign adviser during his failed run to the White House let it be known in an interview with the Boston Globe that his father didn’t even want to be POTUS. […]

Weed Is Officially Legal* In Colorado & Washington Now


Today, weed became legal in Colorado and Washington. In Washington, people crowded around the space needle and waited until midnight PST to toke up in honor of the law becoming in fact, the law. In November, both states passed initiatives legalizing the possession of an ounce of marijuana for adults. However, selling it and growing […]

Day & A Dream Presents: The 2012 Election 4 Dummies Guide


Today’s the day folks. Election 2012 is upon as and after four years of the Obama administration, America gets the chance to once more decide on whether they want to go forward with the Democrats or usher in new change with Mitt Romney and the Republican party. After being bombarded by campaign ads, propaganda, and […]

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