Mistaken Mulatto: Hines Ward Faslely Arrested In Los Angeles

If your star wide receiver is getting arrested for things that are way beyond his control, don’t you think it’s time to end the NFL Lockout? That’s what happened to Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Hines Ward as he was mistakenly put in hand cuffs in Los Angeles. The officers thought that the vehicle Ward was in […]

Speak Of Freedom: When Push Comes To Punch

To protect and serve. But who protects you from those who are supposed to protect? By now, the video evidence of a Seattle police officer punching a woman in the face over alleged jaywalking should be all over your local news. If not, there’s always YouTube (or WSHH for the hood-inclined). There are always three, […]

Welcome To The Summer … of Bullsh#t

[vodpod id=Video.3744116&w=510&h=382&fv=videoId%3D84425112%26amp%3BmediaXML%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.khou.com%252Fhome%252FMissouri-City-Bans-Texting-While-Driving--84425112.html%253Fxml%253Dv%26amp%3BpageURL%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.khou.com%252Fhome%252FMissouri-City-Bans-Texting-While-Driving--84425112.html%26amp%3Boverlayhide%3Dfalse%26amp%3Bautostart%3Dfalse%26amp%3Bshare%3Dtrue%26amp%3BthemeColor%3D303030%26amp%3BDartCompanion300x250%3Dyes%26amp%3BdartCompanionRemove%3Dyes%26amp%3BvideoPlayerId%3Dflashcontent%26amp%3BcompanionId%3Dplayer_companion%26amp%3Bzid%3Dbi.khou%26amp%3Badaptag%3D%2Fhome%26amp%3BadKey%3Dbroadcastinteractivemedia%26amp%3BomnitureRun%3Dbelo%26amp%3BomnitureId%3Dbikhoucom%26amp%3BomnitureDomain%3Dkhou.com] With Memorial Day slowly crawling to a halt, tomorrow officially marks the start of June. In Texas, that means that the heat will be about as bitchmade as an episode of Basketball Wives. And that also means that in my particular city, you can’t text and drive at the same time. They announced […]

12.21 – Around the Way

“Avatar” Rakes In $230 Million Worldwide, $73 Million in US alone [BOM] Police Officer Pulls Out Gun During Snowball Fight [DDotOmen] And They Counted 147 “Gucci’s” On That Album [33 Jones] Top 100 Tracks of 2009 [Pitchfork] Air Jordan IX – Citrus [Nice Kicks] Rihanna: Battered Woman or Media Junkie? [HHW] Beanie Sigel In Car […]

09.23 – Around the Way

Lil’ Boosie Sentenced to Two Yrs. In Jail [AUM] Longest Hoops Shot Ever? [Ball Don't Lie] Transformers Meet The Go-Bots [College Humor] Cops Busted Playing Wii During Drug Raid [WBHH] 60% of Americans Live Check-to-Check [Money Central] Jennifer’s Body Doesn’t Eat Meatballs [JoBlo]

Sunday Wrap-Up [Vol. 6]

One of the best comedy movies ever. True story. Let’s see, there was the Arkham Asylum demo being played, the discussion of my random thoughts, another list of women who I deemed save-able that was good. The bad? Try a twenty hour work weekend, understanding that the actions of the opposite sex will legitimately kill […]

Houston – Where Being Fat Pays Off

Okay, Thick vs. Fat may not work in all cases but in the specific situation George Vera was in – apparently being fat in jail gets you somewhere, enough to hide a GUN in your layers.

Sunday Wrap-Up [Vol. 5]

Cricket’s iPhone Killer. Yes, Cricket. Man, what a week. We went from discussing the differences between thick and fat (and subsequently pissed off folks), found the captain under some police duress, had to question our lovely AKA’s and even wonder about some of the stuff I never should have quit on. Oh, and a shitload […]

Sum Ol’ Bullshit: Harvard Edition

I remember reading about Henry Louis Gates a few years ago, thinking he was a pretty intellectual guy. Hell, dude is on the chair at Harvard and is one of Black America’s most noted scholars. Finding out you get locked up for breaking into YOUR OWN HOUSE though? Not so much. Peep the story.

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