NFL Sunday Ticket To Be Available Without A Satellite Subscription In 2014


The one aspect of football season that doesn’t unite us all? Satellite packages. If you’re a current DirecTV subscriber, you’ve been blessed with NFL Sunday Ticket for more than a decade now, the opportunity to catch every NFL game at your fingertips. Well now, finally, everyone else can get in on the action. Today DirecTV […]

America Is Mad At Richard Sherman, Bro


When FOX’s Erin Andrews walked up to Richard Sherman on Sunday night following an epic NFC Championship Game victory for Sherman’s Seattle Seahawks, she knew what was going to come next. This isn’t to say Andrews is smarter than every reporter in America but you have to also know the capabilities of Richard K. Sherman […]

Mighty Case (Keenum) Should Be The Permanent Texans Starter


I’ll be honest with you — the Houston Texans season is pretty much cursed. The Chronicle should run a tombstone ad in the paper. Vince Young is still sitting by his phone in Hiram Clarke waiting for it to light up with Rick Smith’s area code. Duane Brown, Arian Foster, Ben Tate & J.J. Watt […]

San Francisco, Houston Awarded Super Bowls L & LI #SB50 #SB51

Houston Texans--Reliant Stadium

Get your travel plans ready to head West in 2016 & the Lone Star State in 2017 if you plan on attending the biggest sporting event in the world. The NFL owners voted today to award Super Bowl L (50) & Super Bowl LI (51) to San Francisco & Houston respectively. The San Francisco plan […]

#ChaChaLaLa: The Houston Texans Cheerleaders Are “Fandangoing” [@WWEFandango @TexansCheer]


Leave it to the Houston Texans to finally bridge my love of wrestling with hot women trying to better themselves via mass entertainment. A quick breakdown – if you so happened to watch RAW on Monday then you know the drunk-smark crowd in New Jersey had virtually leapt from being complete fans of Dolph Ziggler […]

Meet John Shango, The World’s Angriest Dallas Cowboys Fan


Raise your hand if you were a Cowboys fan beating your chest after beating the Giants in Week 1. Raise your hands if you still feel the ‘Boys are the best team in the NFL after having 10 days to prepare for Seattle and Russell Wilson yet lost by 20. Cowboys fans know this sort […]

Watch Trent Richardson Hit Kurt Coleman With The Truck Stick


Even before we got ready to break down your NFL weekend with our recap, Trent Richardson went ahead and delivered the highlight of the weekend by telling Kurt Coleman he wasn’t scared of NFL defenses coming out of Bama. The top five pick made up for his H.O.R.S.E. defeat at the hands of RGIII by […]

Your NFL Opening Night Recap


If you heard your favorite football guy barnstorm into the office beating his chest about the ending of Wednesday night, you knew he was referring to football season being officially back. The NFL kicked off last night, spotlighting the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants and America’s Favorite Team To Hate, the Dallas Cowboys. […]

Damn Chad: Dolphins Release Chad Johnson Day After Arrest


A day after being arrested on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, Miami Dolphins WR Chad Johnson has been released by the team. Johnson signed with the Dolphins during the offseason after a stint with the New England Patriots which saw the former Chad Ochocinco only grab 14 balls and score a single touchdown. Yesterday, Johnson […]

NFL & New Era 2012 NFL On-Field Collection


I’ll let it be known. When Nike was unveiled as the new uniformer of the NFL, I didn’t bat an eyelash. When I realized that Reebok was letting go of everything involved with retailing the league and it opened the door for New Era to swoop in for hats? I beamed. Baseball fitteds are still […]



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