Don’t Send A Pelican To Do a Grown Man’s Job: Los Angeles Laker Xavier Henry Baptizes Jeff Withey

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

While most of the nation had their full attention on the return of college basketball tonight and, especially, the showcase of young talents Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker for the University of Kansas and Duke U, respectively, there was another game going on. In the Staples Center, the Kobe-less Los Angeles Lakers played host to […]

What Did We Learn On The NBA’s Opening Night?


You hear that squeaking sound in high priced gymnasiums all over the country? That is the sound of glory ladies & gentlemen. Yes, basketball season has finally returned in full bloom and every single aspect of it is going to be documented, discussed, written about and skewered over until June — when most believe LeBron […]

The Lakers Have Gone To Keith Sweat Begging Levels To Try And Keep Dwight Howard


Lakers fans, is this how you want your front office to look? Never in history have the Los Angeles Lakers, the most charmed organization in the history of the NBA have to beg for someone to come back to them but pulling a page right out of NBA 2K13, the Lake Show have resorted to […]

Lakers Owner Jerry Buss Dead At 80


Longtime Lakers owner Jerry Buss, the man who presided over the most successful tenure of an NBA franchise post ABA merger has died. He was 80. Buss was the figurehead of the Los Angeles Lakers and since assuming ownership from Jack Kent Cooke for $67.5 million, the Lakers won 10 NBA titles, rebranded Los Angeles […]

Kobe Bryant Dunked On The Entire Borough Of Brooklyn


Here you see Gerald Wallace. Here you also see Kris Humphries. But then you see the Black Mamba slither through both of them to throw down a one-hand tomahawk dunk that reminds you that yes, German engineering in legs does indeed work and once more – the Lakers should be feared when they only have […]

Kobe Gets The Poster But The Clippers Take LA, 107-102


The Battle for Los Angeles took place once more inside of the house that Shaq & Kobe built last night. All season long the NBA has had to deal with the Clippers, not the star-studded Lakers as a team that may possibly hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy up in June and last night proved no […]

The Best #LakersNation Reactions To Mike D’Antoni Being The New Lakers Coach


If you’re waking up this morning and haven’t checked ESPN – I’ll save you the trouble. Phil Jackson, “Zen Master” and owner of 11 championship rings, is not the Lakers head coach. Instead in the middle of the night, the Lakers decided to hire former Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni […]

The Best #LakerNation Reactions To The Dwight Howard Trade


If you woke up this morning and your routine watching of Sportscenter made you drop your breakfast, don’t worry, this was our reaction to the Dwight Howard trade when it broke last night. Not only did Mitch Kupchak call the “Summer Of ’96″ play from Jerry West’s GM playbook in landing Dwight Howard, he kept […]

Done Deal: Howard Traded To Lakers


After months of speculation and tendencies that made LeBron’s “Decision” look like choosing between a Big Mac & a Whopper, Dwight Howard’s “trade me” saga has finally come to a conclusion – with the above photoshopped image soon to become a reality. In a four-team deal according to ESPN, Orando shipped off the league’s best […]

Steve Nash Is A Laker Now


Two future Hall of Famers from the 1996 Draft Class just became teammates. In a move that probably has sent your favorite Laker fan into a high for the past two hours, the Los Angeles Lakers essentially traded pennies on the dollar (future draft picks in 2013 & 2015) to Phoenix for two-time league MVP […]



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