Mixtape: DJ Castle & DJ Demo – The Come Up

Although it’s been out for a month already, DJ Castle & DJ Demo‘s mix of familiar songs from Houston’s underground with unsuspecting heat from others serves as a reminder that compilations do indeed work when you consider that it’s more than just a tape with big names attached to it. Much like those old DJ […]

DJ Castle – In For The Kill (f. Doughbeezy & Fat Tony)

You thought the La Roux onslaught of 2010 was over last year? Think again as Sosa Bros resurrect Elly Jackson‘s electropop for the first collaboration between Fat Tony and the man many perceived will snatch an award from underneath him from the Houston Press this year, Doughbeezy. In the spirit of general competition, most will […]

Trailer: The Come Up (f. Authentic Snoopy, KAB Tha Don, DJ Castle & 2-Twenty)

Dropping next Saturday according to Los Cosby, three of Houston’s prominent rising stars along with DJ Castle come together for something. With a “Freshman ’11″ tag, one can either assume we’re talking about a mixtape, a single, a music video or something else. [via Los Cosby]



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