Dumbo Goes Live Action in Disney Remake [@Disney]


People knew Maleficent would make gobs of money for Disney. It would up adding $600 million to the Disney Bank, cashing out solely on nostalgia and its Wizard Of Oz mythology. Of course, it meant Hollywood needed to dig deeper into the Disney vault and bring beloved classics to live action. So who’s up next […]

Yes, You Can Watch The ‘Girl Meets World’ Premiere Right Now


Begin breathing a bit. Next month (June 27th to be exact), the long awaited Boy Meets World sequel Girl Meets World hits Disney Channel. Here’s the thing: Disney has already put up the premiere episode a month EARLY on their streaming website. That’s the catch. In order to enjoy this big moment, you have to […]

Corey & Topanga Are Parents (!) In The ‘Girl Meets World’ Trailer


What are you going to get when you have Corey Matthews and his wife parenting their pre-teen daughter? You get a television show ’90s babies have been anxiously anticipating forever. Girl Meets World arrives as Corey & Topanga are the parents of two kids and the main focus is going to be on their daughter […]

Here’s The Monster’s University Trailer, Because Kids


So here’s the skinny. We’re kids at heart. We were around when Mike & Sully first spent time befriending a little girl during the first Monster’s Inc so you’ll be hard pressed trying to get us away from Monster’s University. Sadly, the trailer doesn’t include Rebecca Martinson’s epic sorority girl rant as by and large […]

Disney Kills LucasArts, Ending Star Wars Games


Just when you thought LucasArts was going to have any influence in the possibility of ‘Kingdom Hearts 3′ or do anything under the Disney umbrella after The Mouse bought Lucas Films (and everything that went with it) for $4 billion, Disney announces it’s shuttering LucasArts all together, ending one of the more ambitious video game […]

Prepare Yourself, Toy Story 4 Might Be On The Way


If the tears you dropped over the ending of ‘Toy Story 3′ haven’t dried up yet, be prepared. According to Columbian news site Terra (yeah, we’re skeptical too but go with us here), Disney & Pixar are in talks to bring back Woody, Buzz & the gang for one more round. In Hollywood speak, that […]

Prepare Yourselves For Star Wars: Episode VII In 2015


Per Deadline, George Lucas said he wasn’t going to make anymore Star Wars films. He promised us that. Well, $4.05 billion is enough reason for somebody else to do that job for him. In a stunning development, Disney has purchased Lucasfilms and immediately have made plans to create a Star Wars: Episode VII to be […]

10.29 The Intro


Cici Santarelli The 15 Most Stylish Halloween Costumes [GQ] The 6 Most Spectacular Low Points of Modern Pop Culture [Cracked] Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Know What ‘Twerk’ Means [C+D] Rap Genius = Rapsolitation? [unkut] How to Make a Monster: The Beginner’s Guide To Ryback [Grantland] RIP To The BAPE Empire [H1gher Learning] Emanuel Steward: A Boxing […]

PIXAR Takes Over the Game, Literally, in “Wreck It Ralph”

Wreck-It Ralph_movie poster

For almost two decades, Pixar has been the John Stockton to Disney’s Karl Malone – after all, what’s the Mailman without someone to set up his delivery? Since 1996, when it gave us the first Toy Story, Pixar has created many memorable moments that have made us laugh, smile, and test our gangsta (if you […]

12.14 – Around the Way

Nexus One, aka “The Google Phone” [Engadget] Nike’s Knight: Tiger’s Firestorm A “Minor Blip” [ESPN] Drake’s So Far Gone Named Mixtape of the Year [MTV] Buju Banton Arrested In Florida, Charged With Intent to Distribute Cocaine [Miami Herald] “Princess” Is #1 At Box Office [JoBlo]



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