Video: Danny! – Goodbye Love


In all of its pixelated, skinny-tie glory, Danny!’s “Goodbye Love” visual directed by Jorge Sanchez takes us right back to the 90s where Swain’s verses match the video and the time scene for scene. So yeah, if you want four minutes of Tevin Campbell scenes cut up with Saved By The Bell and more, go […]

Danny! – Long Time Comin

Danny Swain is no stranger to seeing a few breaks finally emerge along his way. Although his Payback project has been heard and reviewed by a select few, the little things that have emerged from it have all but assured us that Danny! has found his footing. “Long Time Comin’” breaks out the drum stabs […]

Danny! – Silly Me (Myintrotoletuknow)

Here’s the story behind Danny Swain which has enough twists and turns that mask the fact he’s one of hip-hop’s more incredible lyricists. First, Swain released an LP entitled The College Kicked-Out which drew way too many comparisons to Kanye West’s The College Dropout, although both are true stories. Swain got kicked out of his […]



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