That One Time 2Chainz Became a Love Advice Columnist

T.R.U. Love with 2Chainz

Riot starter. The man that rides around and gets it. Stripper tipper. Big booty girl birthday gift desirer. And overall, just a different individual. Each of those things can be used to describe G.O.O.D. Music artist 2Chainz, and apparently, we can add “love advice columnist” to the list of Sh*t That Describes 2Chainz, as the […]

Be Thankful For This 2 Chainz Video Game


Out of all the characters in hip-hop, you’d expect 2 Chainz to have a video game. For a team up with Adidas and Champs Sports, 2 Chainz gets shrunk down to 16-bit size and gets to run around Atlanta jumping over trash cans, zombies and more all in the name of reclaiming his 2 Chainz […]

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