Mike Epps Will Be Richard Pryor In Upcoming Biopic [@therealmikeepps @simplycecilia]


After reportedly being in development for years, director Lee Daniels (The Butler) and media maven Oprah Winfrey have joined forces to finally bring a Richard Pryor biopic to the silver screen; and have confirmed that Mike Epps will portray the legendary comedian in a role already being considered as a potential game changer for Epps. […]

Johnny Manziel Is A Saint Of Cleveland (And Has A Snickers Commercial As Johnny JamBoogie)


Believe us, a Johnny Manziel Snickers Commercial turned out to be the most humorous things of the day. The runner up? The image above from the Cleveland Scene that depicts Manziel as Jesus — with his middle finger extended. On to the Snickers commercial. Manziel aka Johnny JamBoogie is charismatic as a guy going through […]

Jon Stewart Slams FOX News Over Ferguson Because It’s Too Damn Easy


Between FOX News thinking white privilege is merely a myth and their Ferguson coverage, it’s a good thing Jon Stewart came back from summer vacation when he did. If you don’t recall, Stewart’s Daily Show has gone after FOX News time and time again for lobbing softball like moments for Stewart and his team of […]

Watch Beyonce Snatch Your Edges For 15-Minutes At The VMAs


Here’s how you accept a Video Vanguard Award if your name is Beyonce, snatcher of edges, giver of life, slayer and emancipator all in one: you perform your entire album in the span of 15-minutes. The H-Town queen didn’t decide to give the MTV Video Music Awards something she didn’t give the BET Awards back […]

Watch Don Lemon & Talib Kweli Get Into An Absolute Trainwreck Of An Interview


Don Lemon hasn’t earned many friends on social media. He hasn’t gotten much out of his gig at CNN outside of a few side-eyes from those in the know and a ton of snob tactics he’s chosen to employ on some “holier than thou” approach when it comes to black relations in America. When you […]

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Digs On Every Nostalgia Point You Can Think Of


If you’re a child of the ‘80s and ‘90s, you’re going to ask yourself why exactly are we getting another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. The better question you should ask yourself in regards to that is, “why not?” The current era Hollywood is engulfed in is all about remakes, no properties of sheer originality […]

DC/Warner Bros. To Move ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Release Date Ahead to Spring 2016


So, it looks like we won’t be getting that epic Marvel vs. DC summer showdown like we originally thought. DC’s much-awaited Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice flick was slated to touch down on the same day that Marvel’s third installment in its Captain America franchise, on May 5, 2016. Earlier today, however, the comics […]

We’re Doomed, A WorldStarHipHop Movie Is Coming [@Worldstar]


For all the good Hollywood has done in dealing with predominantly African-American driven movies (we’ve still got a long way to go though), all of that is about to become undone with a movie about WorldStarHipHop. Somehow Paramount Insurge thought it would be a good idea to buy a pitch from How To Make It […]

Weekend Box Office: ‘Guardians’ Sets Records With $94 Million Opening


Chances are you knew this weekend at the box office was going to be about two things. One, how much money would ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ make as a film that centers around characters not really known by casual movie and comic book fans. Two, how much would Tate Taylor’s direction of the ‘Godfather Of […]

Vin Diesel Returns as XXX [#VinDiesel]


“Xander Cage was found dead in Bora Bora last night” was the last we heard of extreme sports, secret Agent Xander Cage in xXx: State of the Union. With Ice Cube picking up the mantle we were certain that Vin Diesel would hold good to his word and never do a sequel. With rumors circling around […]



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