Throwback Friday: Sam Sneed – U Betta Recognize

Don’t remember Sam Sneed? Take a listen to Snoop Dogg’s classic debut album Doggystyle and peep the skit “U Betta Recognize”. Yes, the skit has carried Sneed into legendary, “Whatever happened to him status” as the emcee from Pittsburgh who went West Coast during the Death Row heydays seemingly was either held back by the […]

Throwback Friday: Eric B. & Rakim – Eric B. For President on Yo! MTV Raps

Many may joke about reparations since Barack Obama’s currently starting his third year in office but if hip-hop had utilized the system then Rakim Allah would be sitting on the Forbes list. To think, Eric B. For President came out two years before I was even allowed breath on this planet and still it makes […]

Throwback Friday: J Dilla – Won’t Do

Backpackers can feel somewhat in demand of love, much like the ignorant misogynistic rapper who prides himself on loving and leaving with no cares. While they may wear their hearts on their sleeves for the world to show, intelligence is only a small measure of what they’re capable of. Numerous scribes have penned works about […]

Throwback Friday: Foxy Brown – I’ll Be (f. Jay-Z)

Am I aware Foxy dropped a “comeback single” that makes Shyne sound great? Yes. Instead, I’ll remember Foxy for the days when female rap wasn’t run by one woman but was a competitive slot. Or when the greatest ghostwriters of all-time kept a lot of these female’s careers afloat. Ill Na Na went platinum I […]

Throwback Friday: New Edition – If It Isn’t Love

Holiday cuffing season is still going strong but for those who thought they had someone locked up but wound up getting free, this song is for you. Trust me, I grew to love, hate and love this song all over again since it was one of the smoothest songs back during my childhood. You see, […]

Throwback Friday: OutKast – Jazzy Belle

[vodpod id=Video.5042851&w=590&h=394&fv=] For a four year period 1993-1996, my idea of what hip-hop sounded like was morphed. Count the number of classic debuts and albums that were released through the period and when it comes to Southern debuts – it starts with OutKast. Now, I’ve been involved in numerous debates on what OutKast album is […]

Throwback Friday: Super Cat – Dolly My Baby (f. Third Eye, Puff Daddy & The Notorious B.I.G.)

I wonder why Super Cat didn’t make BVX History of Bad Boy Fails but nonetheless with background vocals by Mary J. Blige, this is probably the original Diddy cluster of talent he knew and wanted to see get shine – or probably play background to his own success. The promising thing from this video was […]

Throwback Friday: The Notorious B.I.G. – Everyday Struggle

That second verse is probably greater than a lot of careers right now. Ready to Die is a monument in hip-hop as it undercut everything Nas’ Illmatic had going for it at the time. Diddy & Biggie crafted an album with bleak structures and bravado masked with some serious pop samples and replay value through […]

Throwback Friday: Nas – Nas Is Like

For about three albums after 2Pac and then after The Notorious B.I.G., I decided that Nas was my favorite rapper. Mr. Jones third album I Am … The Autobiography kept 1999 in a nice little spot for me and even though he may have arguably released better material, this lead single had me hooked on […]

Throwback Friday: De La Soul – Oooh (f. Redman)

With Halloween approaching this weekend we might as well play dress up around these parts. Although De La has come through plenty of times with visuals that are out of this world, “Oooh” from their 2000 album Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump features Dave Chappelle, Rah Digga & Redman all in some sort of weird […]



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