Johnny Manziel Is A Saint Of Cleveland (And Has A Snickers Commercial As Johnny JamBoogie)


Believe us, a Johnny Manziel Snickers Commercial turned out to be the most humorous things of the day. The runner up? The image above from the Cleveland Scene that depicts Manziel as Jesus — with his middle finger extended. On to the Snickers commercial. Manziel aka Johnny JamBoogie is charismatic as a guy going through […]

UH Football’s Conference Conundrum And Stadium Stress


By Sean Pendergast for Houston Press   “Always in motion is the future.”–Yoda Since the summer of 2010, when collegiate athletics’ massive wave of conference realignment began, the goal for most of the FBS schools sitting on the margins of college football, outside of the stated “power conferences,” has been survival. Survival and access, really. […]

These Photos Prove Jerry Jones Is ‘Murica’s Greatest Drunk Owner


“Jerry Jones is like pizza.” That’s the argument made on local sports radio when these photos surfaced of the Dallas Cowboys owner pretty much playing grabby hands with a couple of hot coeds. He’s obviously drunk, this isn’t a shock to anybody who knows Jerry. There’s been enough stories of Jerry partying for the last […]

An Examination Of The Unredeemable Floyd Mayweather [@simplycecilia]


An undisputed champion with an impeccable record to match; while his skill is undeniable, outside the ring Floyd Mayweather displays few redeeming qualities. The sport of boxing is a brutal institution where it’s greatest are celebrated, and rightly so, for their prowess inside of the ring. It also has it’s fair share of detractors, some […]

On Ray Rice & The NFL’s Astigmatic Eye To Domestic Violence


Growing up, Sundays revolved around football. As a family, we gathered around the television on weekends and holidays to worship the pigskin gods in all their glory. I was raised on football and have long debated whether or not professional athletes should be held to some higher set of standards than us in the general […]

The Best Of Drake At The 2014 ESPYs [#drakevsblake #sidepieces #honorablemention]


The LSN’s of America are finally back in the winning column. After being down for all of three hours. Drake and Chris Brown once more showed that they can put their differences over Rihanna aside as they took part in the epic #DrakeVsBlake skit at the 2014 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles Wednesday night. Nobody […]

Watch This Female Gymnast Become The First Woman To Qualify For Mt. Midoriyama On ‘American Ninja Warrior’


Like clockwork in college, I always would tune into G4 and watch Ninja Warrior without fail. It looked like the ultimate Crossfit Olympics with plenty of Japanese characters and serious guys who tried their best to conquer Mt. Midoriyama. Well add Kacy Catanzaro to the list of overall badasses to do something no other woman […]

NFL Sunday Ticket To Be Available Without A Satellite Subscription In 2014


The one aspect of football season that doesn’t unite us all? Satellite packages. If you’re a current DirecTV subscriber, you’ve been blessed with NFL Sunday Ticket for more than a decade now, the opportunity to catch every NFL game at your fingertips. Well now, finally, everyone else can get in on the action. Today DirecTV […]

The NBA Is Actually Considering The ‘Entertaining As Hell’ Tournament, Sort Of


While out in Las Vegas for the Board Of Governors meeting, Adam Silver commented on more than a few things according to Yahoo’s Marc Spears. An award show in Las Vegas to mirror that of the NFL’s Award Show the night before the Super Bowl and the NHL’s following the Stanley Cup Playoffs was one […]

Melo Announces Return To Knicks: “I’d Ride And Die For New York”


In a move that surprised very few, Carmelo Anthony spurned the Bulls, the Lakers and the Rockets to stay with the New York Knicks. Anthony will sign a 5-year deal worth $122 million, $7 less than the $129 million max. “I’m willing to ride and die for New York,” Anthony said in a statement on […]



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