When Caping It Real Goes Wrong: On Jamilah Lemieux, EBONY and The Tweets Ain’t Safe

Jamilah Lemieux-EBONY-GOP

Let me preface this piece with two absolutely necessary disclaimers in light of recent events: 1) My government name is Bradford J. Howard. I am a contributor to Day&ADream.com but the views and opinions expressed in this not-exactly-an-essay are not reflective of Day&ADream as a whole and are solely my individual viewpoint. 2) That said, […]

On Shanesha Taylor & The Cost Of Chasing The American Dream

Shanesa Taylor (Maricopa County Sheriffs Office)

There’s a pain in trying to obtain the American Dream. As much of a fairtytale and boilerplate it seems to issue out to everyone who wakes up and breathes inside of this country, the dream is much further out of reach for many and sadly, that distance is what causes some to make decisions where […]

Nick Cannon Promotes ‘White People Party Music’ … In White Face


“F*ck Nick Cannon!” – Dave Chappelle I don’t know what powers Nick Cannon talked to God in order to obtain the women he has had in his life but frankly, you have to be accountable for corny things. And Nick Cannon, as confident as he is in not only getting checks but bagging some of […]

The Sad Reality Of George Zimmerman Fighting DMX

Zimmerman Trial Enters Jury Deliberation Phase

There’s a perverted aura around whatever happens to George Zimmerman. It’s sickening in a sense because the man who was not convicted of a crime he admitted to committing is now parading himself around as a circus act for publicity and fame. There’s nothing about justice here for the Martin family as throughout the course […]

Nobody’s Laughing At Russell Simmons’ “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape”


Before you go on and wonder why the above title actually exists, hear me out. You see, Russell Simmons YouTube video channel All Def Digital (or ADD) has been producing their own versions and twists on historic tales for a while now. Some have been complete hits (“Black Jesus”) and then you have things like […]

The Supreme Court Made #NewRules About The Voting Rights Act Yesterday


In 1964, the Supreme Court issued new rules when it came to being able to vote in this country. It was what Martin Luther King pushed for when he marched on Washington the year prior and was one of the pinnacle moments of the Civil Rights Movement. Black people across the country could vote without […]

On Menace II Society, “Angels In The Hood” & “His Pain”


There’s consequence to your actions. We may never truly realize it sometimes whenever we say things or decide to live in the moment, but there’s an effect on what we do. At all of 25 years, I’ve seen and done things that in hindsight were stupid, dumb and either put me ahead or behind the […]

Broke Phi Broke: Sallie Mae Turns 40


In 2006, I graduated high school. Seven years ago and a non-linear path later, I must admit I’m quite happy that me and Sallie Mae don’t happen to look at each other with the same disgust. Well, actually I take that back – we just act like a civil divorced couple who only show up […]

On Melissa Harris-Perry & The “Risk” Of Being Poor


Let’s get this out of the way first – I’ve never been “poor”. Not by the standards of wondering where was my next meal going to appear, whether or not I would be with or without power or anything of the sort. To counter, I never grew up privileged and by the grace of God […]

On Eazy E And Hip-Hop’s Masculinity

Magic Johnson & Eric Wright are forever linked for two things. One, the two of them during a period in the 80s absolutely ruled Los Angeles, Johnson wit the Lakers and Eazy with N.W.A. They compiled fans for all walks of life and while one always did things with a smile on his face, the […]



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