Video: Stockz – “#LDLA” [@stockzillaOTOS]


Stockz’ “#LDLA” video is exactly what you get when you see a kid a few weeks shy of his 21st birthday soaking in the California sun and living like it. Suits, standing on the roofs of houses and more, Stockz surveys the land with a smile on his face, a cocksure attitude and an honest […]

Video: Dirty & Nasty – “24K (Purple & Gold Remix)” [@dirtyknowsnasty @hwfloss]


In the long list of Houston rap groups consistently doing it for whatever reasons (money, love of the genre/culture), Dirty & Nasty have always found themselves overlooked. The twosome, bonded together like The Honeymooners’ Ralph Kramden & Ed Norton have always parlayed their thoughts about Houston rap into a different sphere to begin with. Lyricism, […]

Pell Goes Searching In “Runaway” Video [@PellYeah]


Upon hearing New Orleans emcee Pell’s “Runaway” for the first time, you get the sense he has a bit of a knack for transforming his southern drawl into a wide-eyed every man melody. Shot in Los Angeles, Pell grips the handlebars of his bike and peddles through the sprawling city landscape, feeling a sense of […]

Video: Jon S feat. WhyJae – “Lane 2 Lane Remix” [@therealjons @imwhyjae #rgm2]


With the days of summer on their minds, Jon S & WhyJae shoot a video for last July’s “Lane 2 Lane Remix”. With a southern twang in his voice and a demeanor that seems to scream Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby, Jon S always seems primed to make soundtrack records more than anything else. […]

The Weeknd’s “King Of The Fall” Video Is One Big ‘XO’ Party [@theweeknd]


Much like the NSFW video for “Often”, The Weeknd returns to the hedonism of Toronto for his latest “King Of The Fall” clip. With his newly assured stature as his home country’s version of a druggy, sexual Prince, The Weeknd can overlook two girls making out with one another rather seriously and he can sit […]

Kembe X Drops His ‘Kembe X’ EP, “As I Unfold” Video [@kembe_x @abdashsoul]


Kembe already gave us something to chew on with “As I Untold” and “Caged Bird” and now we get to take the Chicago emcee into a broader scope with his Kembe X EP, presented by Scion and a visual to “As I Untold” featuring Ab-Soul and Alex Wiley. Wiley may been on vacation from the […]

Rick Ross Goes To St. Kitts For “Drug Dealer’s Dream” Video [@rickyrozay]


Rick Ross may as well drop a video for every track off of his Mastermind album at this point. The Miami rapper took himself and the crew to St. Kitts for a little RossFit workout for his latest motion picture, “Drug Dealer’s Dream”. The Dre Films-directed clip sees Ross and company enjoy St. Kitts as […]

Video: Just Brittany – “Something Different” [@itsjustbrittany @dicemusic]


A brand new Just Brittany video is going to equate to being about a number of things. How she looks, what’s the nature of the song, literally anything you can think of in regards to typecasting female singers who could choose to rap at a moment’s notice. “Something Different” is sort of a message to […]

Video: Usher feat. Nicki Minaj – “She Came To Give It To You” [@usher @nickiminaj]


As it stands, Usher made his own VMA moment when he slapped Nicki Minaj’s backside during a live performance of “She Came To Give It To You” off of his upcoming Everything You Can Imagine album. Legendary? Yes. Was it another moment that proved Usher has probably touched more fine women on accident than I […]

Video: Jasmine V feat. Kendrick Lamar – “That’s Me Right There” [@JASMINEVILLEGAS]


Sporty with a West Coast feel, Jasmine V takes to the basketball court and gets joined by Kendrick Lamar sitting comfortably in the whip for the video to “That’s Me Right There”.

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