This “One Shining Moment” Parody Is The Perfect Farewell to the Knicks’ Playoff Hopes [@NYKnicks @World_Wide_Wob]

New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets

When the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Miami Heat last night, they not only booked their ticket to the Eastern Conference leg of the playoffs but also officially locked out the New York Knicks from playoff contention. It brought an unceremonious end to the Knicks’ roller-coaster of a season, where at times star power forward Carmelo […]

Watch Rob Ford Truck A Group Of Reporters Asking Him About His Crack Smoking Habits


Rob Base is at it again. Canada’s greatest mayoral overachiever and the current barometer holder for whether or not your friends are aware of the news got into it again with reporters this week. Well, not that he truly didn’t deserve it or anything but Ford has a new crack problem, one where there are […]

The Best Memes To The NYC Man vs. Arizona Trucker Fight


Let’s be honest with ourselves – you know better than to attempt to fight someone in this day and age of cellphone cameras and Worldstar. Especially when you’re full of bravado and easily outmatched by a bigger, stronger man. Sadly, that exact thought pattern didn’t seem to cross the mind of this NYC man as […]

For Your Sunday: Hear The Gospel Version To Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love”


This, is why you have a love/hate relationship with the internet. For the better part of three hours on Saturday we found ourselves singing “CAPS CAPS CAPS” after this Vine video entered our lives but that doesn’t compare to the inevitable. Someone made a gospel remix to Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love”. Don’t ask us how […]

Meet The Kid Who Argues For A Cupcake Like A 40-Year Old At Age 3


Manbabies are taking over the world. If you’ve been on Vine or even on Twitter you’ve noticed that children who look like 40 year olds, kids who want to go ahead and give Terio weight loss tips. And now, we’ve got the best example of a kid who argues like a husband who’ve heard it […]

Yes, President Obama Appeared On Zach Galifianakis’ ‘Between Two Ferns’ [@funnyordie]


And now for the most unbelievable interview in Presidential history. We know about Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns. We honestly believe that it’s the funniest and most awkward interview segment on Earth and that Funny Or Die is genius for doing so. So when President Barack Obama makes an appearance to help promote the Affordable […]

Ice JJ Fish Still Is The Rawest Of Them All, According To Tosh.0 [@IceJJFish]


Here’s what we know about YouTube/Facebook sensation Ice JJ Fish: A) He doesn’t appreciate being Photoshopped on images of Fred from Scooby Doo. B) He has over 10,000 followers on Twitter (where he’s VERIFIED and your favorite struggle rapper can’t do a thing about it), countless more on Instagram and made about $46,000 just off […]

The ‘Soundbordt’ Captures the Best of Beyoncé in Sound Bites [@beyonce @william_sawyer @adbellomo #lizaminnelson]


While most of us were sleeping, a gem of sorts creeped onto the internet last night., as its namesake implies, was a one-page tumblr site inspired by Beyoncé’s popular “surfboard/surfboardt” ad-lib on her popular single “Drunk in Love” featuring Jay-Z. If you ever needed a one-stop-shop for some of the better moments of Mrs. […]

Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith’s “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing” Came Thru And Crushed the Late Night Buildings

Jimmy Fallon_Will Smith_Tonight Show

Although some of us – mainly me – are still feeling as though Conan O’Brien got a raw deal in terms of taking over NBC’s The Tonight Show after Jay Leno left the helm, the new heir to the throne, Jimmy Fallon, was coming in with high expectations. He not only introduced The Roots to […]

“We Don’t All Look Alike!” Sam Jackson Ethers LA Reporter For Confusing Him With Laurence Fishburne


It’s Black History Month and Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t have time for this shit. When the esteemed actor does an interview with KTLA’s Sam Rubin to promote Robocop, things take an awkward turn from the moment Rubin confuses Jackson for Laurence Fishburne. That’s right, Rubin thought it was Jackson who played Morpheus in the Matrix, […]