Tiny Returns to Music With Half-T.I. Diss, Half-’Baby Come Back Home’ Single, “WTFYGD”


Holy plot twist, Batman! Just when it appeared we’d heard it all regarding the differences between rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris and wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris – especially with Floyd “Money” Mayweather getting involved – it turns out that the woman at the center of it all has her own side of the story to share. […]

Yes, The CIA Did Troll Twitter About Tupac On Its “Twitterversary” [@CIA]


Apparently even one of the most secretive United States agencies has a sense of humor. Having officially “joined” Twitter on June 7, the U.S.’s Central Intelligence Agency decided to celebrate its “one-month twitterversary” by answering what it called “the top 5 questions” the Agency is most often asked about. The result was either hilarious, slightly […]

Dave Chappelle’s Donald Sterling Joke Proves He’s Still At The Top Of His Game


Look, I’m fairly aware that it’s comedy taboo to post clips from a comedy special that the general public wasn’t privy to but when it comes to Dave Chappelle anything — forget it, all the rules are about to be broken. During Chappelle’s residency at Radio City Music Hall last week, the maestro conducted another […]

Erykah Badu Continues The Greatness Of “F*** Her Right In The P***y” On Live TV


Somehow, my life became 32% better when a video clip of a reporter jokingly saying “F*** Her Right In The P***Y” came into it. And now we can say Erykah Badu helped spread the awkward gospel on live TV. It doesn’t matter where exactly Badu was when this happened, let’s just say the reporter had […]

The Best Twitter Roasts Of A Rapping Lil Terrio


Late Wednesday night, this photo of Vine sensation turned literal American Obese Dream Lil Terrio surfaced onto Twitter, launching an amazing stream of jokes all aimed at the kid’s rap name. He’s already got a single out but nothing quite like this. And yes, we already know it isn’t fun to laugh at a kid […]

This “One Shining Moment” Parody Is The Perfect Farewell to the Knicks’ Playoff Hopes [@NYKnicks @World_Wide_Wob]

New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets

When the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Miami Heat last night, they not only booked their ticket to the Eastern Conference leg of the playoffs but also officially locked out the New York Knicks from playoff contention. It brought an unceremonious end to the Knicks’ roller-coaster of a season, where at times star power forward Carmelo […]

Watch Rob Ford Truck A Group Of Reporters Asking Him About His Crack Smoking Habits


Rob Base is at it again. Canada’s greatest mayoral overachiever and the current barometer holder for whether or not your friends are aware of the news got into it again with reporters this week. Well, not that he truly didn’t deserve it or anything but Ford has a new crack problem, one where there are […]

The Best Memes To The NYC Man vs. Arizona Trucker Fight


Let’s be honest with ourselves – you know better than to attempt to fight someone in this day and age of cellphone cameras and Worldstar. Especially when you’re full of bravado and easily outmatched by a bigger, stronger man. Sadly, that exact thought pattern didn’t seem to cross the mind of this NYC man as […]

For Your Sunday: Hear The Gospel Version To Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love”


This, is why you have a love/hate relationship with the internet. For the better part of three hours on Saturday we found ourselves singing “CAPS CAPS CAPS” after this Vine video entered our lives but that doesn’t compare to the inevitable. Someone made a gospel remix to Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love”. Don’t ask us how […]

Meet The Kid Who Argues For A Cupcake Like A 40-Year Old At Age 3


Manbabies are taking over the world. If you’ve been on Vine or even on Twitter you’ve noticed that children who look like 40 year olds, kids who want to go ahead and give Terio weight loss tips. And now, we’ve got the best example of a kid who argues like a husband who’ve heard it […]



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