Tiny Returns to Music With Half-T.I. Diss, Half-’Baby Come Back Home’ Single, “WTFYGD”


Holy plot twist, Batman! Just when it appeared we’d heard it all regarding the differences between rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris and wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris – especially with Floyd “Money” Mayweather getting involved – it turns out that the woman at the center of it all has her own side of the story to share. […]

In Lightskins Lose Again News: Drake Pays Off Rappin’ 4-Tay $100,000 For Copied “Who Do You Love” Verse


Just when it seemed like the Light Skin Coalition was on its way to making through July unscathed – especially following Chris Brown and Drake finally hashing it out like a couple of grown-ups – the news said otherwise. According to Pitchfork, Aubrey Graham paid West Coast rapper Rappin 4Tay six figures for copying 4Tay’s […]

Leave It To Baby K’Tan To Let You Know Black Women Are More Likely To Be Single Mothers


Thank Twitter for pointing out that racism is not only alive, it’s not even being concealed at this point. A Twitter user with the handle SmexSteele took a photo of this Baby K’Tan module at from the looks of it there doesn’t seem to be many differences. One has a white baby, the other has […]

Dallas Doing Good: Dallas County Commissioners Accidentally Approve Reparations for Slavery

John Wiley Price_Dallas Comm

Here’s today’s example of why you should always read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line. Commissioner John Wiley Price of Dallas County – and Dallas County’s only Black commissioner – submitted a “Juneteenth Resolution” at the Dallas County Commissioners Court meeting Tuesday night. Price’s resolution was about more than just commemorating […]

Pop It for Harry Potter: Houston Man Suing Exotic Dancer for Gifts and Services

Treasures Stripper_KHOU

Back in 2006, T-Pain once told us that it was very much possible to “fall in love with a stripper,” but I’m not sure this is what he had in mind. According to KHOU Channel 11, a local Houston man is suing an exotic dancer from Treasures Gentleman’s Club for gifts he provided to her. […]

Super #Ratchet: A Tennessee Teen Smuggled A Loaded Gun Into Jail With Her Vagina


For once, this level of outrageousness isn’t just trapped to Florida. A 19-year-old Tennessee woman was arrested for driving with a suspended license on Monday, which then led to arguably the most insane booking process you may ever hear of. A female corrections officer was booking Dallas Archer into the Kingsport jail noticed an “unknown […]

Watch The Worst ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Ever Lose $1 Million


Ladies and gentlemen, this is what our college educations have been reduced to. Meet Julian, an University of Indiana student who had MULTIPLE chances to win big prizes on ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ only to fail in spectacular fashion. How so? He fails to pronounce “Mythological Hero Achilles” to lose a chance at $1 million, not […]

#ThouShallNotRatchet: Manager, 2 Employees Fired After Chacho’s Fight


I used to always joke that the Chachos on Westheimer a few blocks away from Slick Willie’s was the spot for anything you did after the club. It showed you that the same chick you were grinding on moments before more than likely pulled a vampire trick on you and looked absolutely nothing like she […]

“We Don’t All Look Alike!” Sam Jackson Ethers LA Reporter For Confusing Him With Laurence Fishburne


It’s Black History Month and Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t have time for this shit. When the esteemed actor does an interview with KTLA’s Sam Rubin to promote Robocop, things take an awkward turn from the moment Rubin confuses Jackson for Laurence Fishburne. That’s right, Rubin thought it was Jackson who played Morpheus in the Matrix, […]

The Miseducation of Lil TerRio


I don’t have a ton to offer about Lil TerRio that hasn’t been said already but here goes. One, the kid is somewhere between the ages of 7 and 40, insanely obese and looks like a circus attraction more than a little boy who should probably be in the second grade at this point in […]



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