Watch The Worst ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Ever Lose $1 Million


Ladies and gentlemen, this is what our college educations have been reduced to. Meet Julian, an University of Indiana student who had MULTIPLE chances to win big prizes on ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ only to fail in spectacular fashion. How so? He fails to pronounce “Mythological Hero Achilles” to lose a chance at $1 million, not […]

#ThouShallNotRatchet: Manager, 2 Employees Fired After Chacho’s Fight


I used to always joke that the Chachos on Westheimer a few blocks away from Slick Willie’s was the spot for anything you did after the club. It showed you that the same chick you were grinding on moments before more than likely pulled a vampire trick on you and looked absolutely nothing like she […]

“We Don’t All Look Alike!” Sam Jackson Ethers LA Reporter For Confusing Him With Laurence Fishburne


It’s Black History Month and Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t have time for this shit. When the esteemed actor does an interview with KTLA’s Sam Rubin to promote Robocop, things take an awkward turn from the moment Rubin confuses Jackson for Laurence Fishburne. That’s right, Rubin thought it was Jackson who played Morpheus in the Matrix, […]

The Miseducation of Lil TerRio


I don’t have a ton to offer about Lil TerRio that hasn’t been said already but here goes. One, the kid is somewhere between the ages of 7 and 40, insanely obese and looks like a circus attraction more than a little boy who should probably be in the second grade at this point in […]

In Blank Stare News: Macklemore Covers ‘The SOURCE,’ Named 2013 “Man of the Year”

Macklemore - The SOURCE cover

Thought we left Macklemore firmly in 2013? Think again. The “rapper” broke news on instagram today unveiling that long-standing hip-hop publication The SOURCEMagazine had selected him as 2013 Man of the Year for The SOURCE’s annual Year in Review issue. The irony of Macklemore’s story bearing the subtitle “American Hustle” isn’t lost on us. On […]

If You’re Looking for the New Beyoncé Album, You Won’t Find It At Target

Beyonce - Visual Album_cover

Looks like the BeyHivers may have a new target just in time for the holidays – literally, Target. The major United States retailer and shopping chain issued a statement today saying that it won’t be stocking or selling Beyoncé’s new LP, Beyoncé: The Visual Album. Target spokesperson Erika Julkowski told Billboard Magazine that the chain […]

That Time Mike Tomlin’s “Accidental” Interference in Baltimore Wasn’t So Accidental

Mike Tomlin_Steelers

The NFL has been the source of a lot of controversy of late, whether it’s been with blown penalty calls, confusing flags, and even the difference between players being hotheaded versus “just being passionate” on the sidelines. This past Thursday, when the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Baltimore Ravens in the latter’s home stadium for NBC’s […]

That Time Drake Tatted Houston’s Name On It So We’d Know It’s Real


“H-Town my second home like I’m James Harden…” Look, it’s no secret that Aubrey Drake Graham is particularly fond of Houston, Texas. When he’s not performing or somehow finding any occasion to come down to our city, he’s swaggerjacking showing us love on every single one of his major projects. Hell, he even made it […]

The Worst Twerk Ever: Girl Catches Fire Trying To Hit A Handstand


All morning the internet has been ablaze (pun one) watching a clip of a girl trying to sex things up for her boyfriend by twerking. There’s a bunch of gyrations and stuff, you know typical sad stripper moves but everything goes wrong when she attempts a handstand along her door. Remember, this isn’t for amateurs […]

What’s Worse: Wale’s ‘The Gifted’ Cover Or The “New” Big Tymers?


There are ideas that are good in theory and then there are ideas that should have never left the drawing board. Earlier this week Wale released the artwork for his upcoming third LP The Gifted and even with the help of Mr. Cartoon, the cover came out looking like a bad photoshop job. Yes, that’s […]