Watch This New Batman Short Created By The Animated Series Creator Bruce Timm [@batman]


Without question our favorite iteration of Batman happens to be Batman: The Animated Series. Creator Bruce Timm pays his own tribute to the 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader by offering a brand new short film, stylized in 1930s noir as Batman travels to the lair of Hugo Strange. Splashed with sepia tones and Strange’s […]

Surprise! The “New” Twitter “Web Profile” Will Look Like The New Facebook


We’ve been jokingly referring to Twitter as “the new Facebook” for years, following the latter’s opening itself up to non-college students and thus bringing along all kinds of spam marketing (hi, Jordan Heels and “get a free $100 Outback Steakhouse gift card by clicking on the link), fake accounts, and more even as its “Pages” […]

Apple May Finally Be Ready For Emoji Diversity (AKA Black Emojis)


Those of us Apple users who’ve pretty much had to use every emoji except the ones that truly represent us may finally get our day in the sun. Fine, it may sound trivial but the news that some non-Caucasian emojis to represent more people (outside of those region specific ones) are coming makes my thumbs […]

Play Future’s ‘Move That Dope’ Inspired Video Game, “Move That Doh” [@1future @uprising_create]

Future - Move That Doh_game

Seemingly taking a page from Juicy J’s promotional idea last year for his smash single “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” Future is hoping to boost the hype for his solid Pharrell and Pusha T-featured single “Move That Dope” with a video game, teaming up with the programmers at The Uprising Creative. While it may lack […]

Geek Out, It’s Optimus Prime vs. The Dinobots In ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ Trailer


Even the biggest detractor to Michael Bay’s Transformers arc may want to tuck all of that shade in as the first official trailer for Transformers: Age Of Extinction has arrived and it is bloody brilliant. We get the return of Optimus Prime, the debut of Galvatron (aka Mr. I Transform Into A Gun!), Bumblebee & […]

See The Amazing Trailer For ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ [#arkhamknight]


Since 2009′s Arkham Asylum, Batman fans have enjoyed probably the longest period of satisfaction with games involving the Caped Crusader (hell both Asylum & it’s sequel City owned my life for weeks). We’ll forgive them for last year’s Arkham Origins seeing that developer Rocksteady wasn’t part of the creation. BUT TODAY IS A NEW DAY! […]

Game Over: “Flappy Bird” Creator To Pull Game In 22 Hours Because “It Ruins [My] Life”


“Flappy Bird” creator Ngyuen Ha Dong has apparently had enough. The game, which has soared to new highs on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play has decided to pull his very popular game from both app stores in less than 22 hours. Why? Because in his words, he “can’t take it anymore”. In […]

Meet Leafly, The “Yelp!” Of Marijuana & Its Mobile App


The advancements of marijuana in this country, especially the progression by lawmakers to not only honor legalized medicinal but also recreational weed has led to a few new business ventures. Weed buses, tours and now the inevitable — a mobile app that breaks down strains and dispensaries by quality. Leafly, which dubs itself the “Yelp!” […]

Let’s Annotate How Google Booted Rap Genius Off The Search Engine Map


Here’s Internet Rule #4080: Thou shall not get on the bad side of Google. Rap Genius decided to test the search engine giant with a rather nifty “affiliation” program geared to tipping the scales in their favor in terms of engaging new users and Google was having none of it. Thus, the search engine shifted […]

The #Thirst Is Real: Instagram To Get Direct Messages


The moment the image below appeared on Instagram, the Gates of Hell opened. That image is in reference to Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) countering Twitter’s latest mobile update of implementing photos in direct messages by offering Instagram Direct, a new feature where users can share private photos with select individuals. What does it […]