Watch Nas Perform ‘Illmatic’ With Jay Z & Puff Daddy At Coachella [@nas @s_c_ @iamdiddy]


There was zero way Nas’ Coachella set could get pulled the same way OutKast’s was the night before. Here, the kid with the chipped tooth now fixed from Queensbridge only had one mission – bang out all nine tracks from his seminal debut album Illmatic that lasts not even 45 minutes long and leave. No […]

#ThouShallNotRatchet: Manager, 2 Employees Fired After Chacho’s Fight


I used to always joke that the Chachos on Westheimer a few blocks away from Slick Willie’s was the spot for anything you did after the club. It showed you that the same chick you were grinding on moments before more than likely pulled a vampire trick on you and looked absolutely nothing like she […]

Nick Cannon Promotes ‘White People Party Music’ … In White Face


“F*ck Nick Cannon!” – Dave Chappelle I don’t know what powers Nick Cannon talked to God in order to obtain the women he has had in his life but frankly, you have to be accountable for corny things. And Nick Cannon, as confident as he is in not only getting checks but bagging some of […]

Meet The Kid Who Argues For A Cupcake Like A 40-Year Old At Age 3


Manbabies are taking over the world. If you’ve been on Vine or even on Twitter you’ve noticed that children who look like 40 year olds, kids who want to go ahead and give Terio weight loss tips. And now, we’ve got the best example of a kid who argues like a husband who’ve heard it […]

Yes, President Obama Appeared On Zach Galifianakis’ ‘Between Two Ferns’ [@funnyordie]


And now for the most unbelievable interview in Presidential history. We know about Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns. We honestly believe that it’s the funniest and most awkward interview segment on Earth and that Funny Or Die is genius for doing so. So when President Barack Obama makes an appearance to help promote the Affordable […]

They Found Justin Bieber At SXSW [#SXSW @justinbieber]


Oh Justin Bieber, we can’t get you back out of Texas soon enough. After hanging out with on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez in McAllen over the weekend, Bieber went to the state capital to experience SXSW for what we can presume is the very first time to perform an impromptu set. Yes, you can begin […]

Big K.R.I.T. Concludes #WeekOfKRIT With The ‘Cadillactica’ Trailer [@bigkrit]


To firmly gauge what Big K.R.I.T.’s six day excursion of new music did in the leadup to Cadillactica, we’ll have to wait until the LP arrives in the Fall. Fans will have their select choices of which track was their favorite between “Egyptian Cotton”, “Steps” or even “New Agenda” or even the Third Coast meets […]

Geek Out, It’s Optimus Prime vs. The Dinobots In ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ Trailer


Even the biggest detractor to Michael Bay’s Transformers arc may want to tuck all of that shade in as the first official trailer for Transformers: Age Of Extinction has arrived and it is bloody brilliant. We get the return of Optimus Prime, the debut of Galvatron (aka Mr. I Transform Into A Gun!), Bumblebee & […]

Here’s The Best IG Response To 2 Chainz’ Huge Ass Cuban Link Chain


As you can tell, 2 Chainz is sporting a new … well, chain on his neck. A rather humongous one of the Cuban Link variety at that. In his own words thanks to his Instagram page, Dos Necklaces told the world, “Jus copped 4 kilos from @aviannejewelers s/o my dog @joeavianne A1 since day1″ Yes, […]

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Adds To His Greatest Hits With A Drunken Jamaican Patois Rant


Toronto, Canada, what have you given us? Not only is the safest rapper in the world from your area, some of your beer and women are absolutely breathtaking and your healthcare system is free and universal but your mayor, your mayor takes the cake. Look, we know about crackhead mayors here in America — the […]