Ten Years to ‘Lyfe’: Revisiting Lyfe Jennings’s ‘Lyfe 268-192′ Album [@lyfeonline419]

Lyfe Jennings - 268-192_cover

“Ay, yo, yo… For y’all that just flipped on the CD player… I just wanna inform you that, if you got somebody good… better hold on to ‘em…” The bluesy strums of a guitar in the background. Then a flourish, a crescendo, and a sudden splash into the melody as humming and hummed and “ooh-ooh-ooh-yeah-yuh’ing” […]

Earl Sweatshirt Offers The Best Critique Of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” Video [@earlxsweat]


If you haven’t caught it yet, Taylor Swift has a new video for “Shake It Off”, the first single from her upcoming 1989 album. There’s plenty of things in it which are absolutely Swift, namely colorful shots of her frolicking and having fun and then there are the other shots of the video in which […]

How Ferguson & St. Louis County Became The Face Of Militarized Police [@justkels88]


In the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18 year old, in Ferguson, Missouri at the hands of a local police officer, and the near state of war that has ensued since, I was prompted to look into the militarization of local police departments in America. I will spare you my […]

Another Moment Of Being Young, Afraid & Black In America


The emotions that crawled over me in regards to the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown went something like this: anger, frustration, depression, hopelessness. The anger rose in me because Brown’s shooting, yet another in a series of systematic executions and public displays of excessive force by the police towards African-Americans did nothing but add […]

“You Need A Hall Pass To Say The N-Word!” (And More Memorable Quotes From The Kanye West Deposition)

Kanye West - R&F3

We’re starting to keep a tally of great depositions. First there was Lil Wayne, then Justin Bieber. Now the Kanye West deposition may take hold at the best of them all – just because of how righteous Kanye comes off when discussing the rights of the minorities in Los Angeles. And by minories, he means […]

An Examination Of The Unredeemable Floyd Mayweather [@simplycecilia]


An undisputed champion with an impeccable record to match; while his skill is undeniable, outside the ring Floyd Mayweather displays few redeeming qualities. The sport of boxing is a brutal institution where it’s greatest are celebrated, and rightly so, for their prowess inside of the ring. It also has it’s fair share of detractors, some […]

On Ray Rice & The NFL’s Astigmatic Eye To Domestic Violence


Growing up, Sundays revolved around football. As a family, we gathered around the television on weekends and holidays to worship the pigskin gods in all their glory. I was raised on football and have long debated whether or not professional athletes should be held to some higher set of standards than us in the general […]

Photo Op: 93.7 The Beat Goes #BehindTheBeat w/ T.I. [@tip @937thebeat @devidev @djmrrorgers]


“It’s coming out … name a day in September,” T.I. told an audience of a select few during 93.7 The Beat’s debut #BehindTheBeat interview series. “That’s when Paperwork will drop.” After letting some of T.I.’s most passionate fans into the 93.7 offices, Devi Dev and DJ Mr. Rogers sat down with the King of the […]

On Stuart Scott’s ESPYs Speech, Perseverance And Living


I hate talking about death. I know its inevitable, its the final end and something that will eventually look us all in the face but I hate speaking in terms of the end. It feels macabre to me, the one fetish of all fetishes that makes my skin crawl and immediately jump to a different […]

#SummerOf94: On Forrest Gump, Boyz II Men & The Simping Of The ’90s


1994, maybe more than any year prior to it gave way to “the simp”. To note, this was a time before simping, the act of coddling people while being blind to the ramifications became en vogue, considered “emo” and created an entire sub-genre of hip-hop and R&B where letting feelings be heard were the equivalent […]



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