On Stuart Scott’s ESPYs Speech, Perseverance And Living


I hate talking about death. I know its inevitable, its the final end and something that will eventually look us all in the face but I hate speaking in terms of the end. It feels macabre to me, the one fetish of all fetishes that makes my skin crawl and immediately jump to a different […]

#SummerOf94: On Forrest Gump, Boyz II Men & The Simping Of The ’90s


1994, maybe more than any year prior to it gave way to “the simp”. To note, this was a time before simping, the act of coddling people while being blind to the ramifications became en vogue, considered “emo” and created an entire sub-genre of hip-hop and R&B where letting feelings be heard were the equivalent […]

A Violent End To Houston’s Jouvert Raises Alarms For The Future [#jouvert]


For years Jouvert, the popular yearly melting pot of Houston’s various inhabitants who share blood ties to Caribbean communities, has had many a story told about it. Of the colors displayed, the fun shared by many of its goers and the complete chaos that occurs within it. Paint being thrown, multiple women scantily clad and […]

Baby I’m A Star: The Brilliance Of ‘Purple Rain’ At 30


Your sixth album isn’t supposed to be defined as your greatest. Some singers don’t even get six albums but there’s no real substance in trying to deny the greatness of Prince. He had created the oasis of sexuality on albums long before R. Kelly twisted everything in a more baroque manner. He created dance records […]

The Summer Of ’94: How ‘The Lion King’ Shaped Us For Adulthood


People will tell you about the moment they became an adult. Something in their childhood, a flash moment where they had to make a quick decision. Choosing somebody other than Michael Jordan as their favorite basketball player, it happens. The Lion King taught everybody to grow up real, real quick. You see, back in 1994, […]

President Obama’s Controversial Chipotle Visit Is Grounds For Impeachment


President Obama has faced many a crisis during his six years in the White House. Health care, the Iraq War, Bengazhi, all serious moments where he had to use tact to tell the American people that order would be restored and faith need be had and whatever political onus you could think of. His biggest […]

Club Life: Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone” [@raeremmurd]


Here’s how you know Mike WiLL Made It’s touch is pretty undeniable at the moment. Rae Sremmurd (pronounced “Ray-Shim-er”) are two brothers from Mississippi now in Atlanta who are signed to Mike’s It’s Eardruma Records. Back in March, their “No Flex Zone” track broke through nationally, earning respect from Pusha T who wanted to hop […]

The LA Mystique Of Iman Omari [@iamimanomari]


Los Angeles is bright. In late 2011, singer Iman Omari admitted to LA Weekly that he wasn’t afraid of letting his emotions be known on records. Omari’s story is one that seems starcrossed at every turn. Wasn’t admitted into a prestigeious high school musical program, earned a vocal scholarship to Howard University only not to […]

On Krizz Kaliko & How Strange Music Produces Strange Things [@krizzkaliko @reginathepen]


Tonight, Tech N9Ne’s Independent Grind Tour hits Houston and while everyone knows Tech N9ne, Freddie Gibbs, Madlib and a few others, one man may be the most overlooked on the bill despite his talents. Guest contributor Regina The Pen introduces us to Krizz Kaliko, Strange Music’s long standing second gun. To put it plainly, Krizz […]

The Summer Of ’94: When Craig Mack & Biggie Ushered In The Remix [@iamdiddy #summer94]


The Summer Of ’94 is a look back at one of the hottest summers in the history of pop culture. From OJ Simpson’s Bronco chase, the Rockets first championship, baseball going on strike and the music that was shaped around it. Here’s a retrospective look at the summer of 1994, starting with the first major […]



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