The Essentials: The Top 10 ‘The Boondocks’ Episodes of All Time


Later tonight, Adult Swim’s animated adaptation of Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks comic strip series kicks off its fourth and final season, albeit without series creator McGruder at the helm. While we’ve already gotten a “soundtrack” of sorts, I wanted to take a look back at how we got here, and how Huey, Riley, Tom DuBois, […]

A Gram At A Time: Breaking Down The True Origins Of 4/20 [#420 @simplycecilia]


While today most of the world will be celebrating the resurrection of Christ, today is another landmark for another reason. See how in Denver, Colorado how weed culture has taken over everything from vending machines to even the front page of the Denver Post. For native Californians, 4/20 Day has become an unofficial holiday of […]

#TheNextFive: And The Remaining XXL ’14 Freshman Class Predictions Are… [@XXL]

XXL Freshman 2014

Having already served up #TheFirstFive of my 2014 XXL Magazine Freshman Class predictions, here are the remaining five – no less credible than those who came before them, but perhaps a little less well-known than #TheFirstFive. XXL is known for switching things up a tad with a more obscure pick than the rest of them, and if there […]

#TheFirstFive, Pt. 1: Here Are Your 2014 XXL Freshman Class Predictions [@XXL]

XXL Freshman 2014

XXL Magazine’s “Freshmen Class” of rappers has become something to look forward to since the magazine started highlighting up and comers in the rap game back in 2008. They’ve gotten a few wrong (OJ da Juiceman, anyone?) but for the most part have called some of the major players ahead of their time – Freddie […]

When Caping It Real Goes Wrong: On Jamilah Lemieux, EBONY and The Tweets Ain’t Safe

Jamilah Lemieux-EBONY-GOP

Let me preface this piece with two absolutely necessary disclaimers in light of recent events: 1) My government name is Bradford J. Howard. I am a contributor to Day& but the views and opinions expressed in this not-exactly-an-essay are not reflective of Day&ADream as a whole and are solely my individual viewpoint. 2) That said, […]

Deconstruction: Usher’s ‘Confessions’ – A Decade Later

Usher - Confessions_cover

When it comes to Usher Raymond IV, there’s been a debate in recent years as to which is his best album, and the argument always falls between 8701 and Confessions. 8701, with its flirtations and fun moments and teases, was perfect in middle school or, in my case, for freshman year of high school, when […]

Three Things BET Got Right With ‘Being Mary Jane’ [@BET #BeingMaryJane @itsgabrielleu]

Being Mary Jane 3

BET messed around and did something right for a change with their hit drama miniseries Being Mary Jane. No, seriously. The show – which stars Gabrielle Union as its titular character – initially began as a movie, shown this past July, and the movie’s open-ended conclusion allowed for BMJ to segue itself into a nine-episode […]

The Fall of Kanye West

Kanye West - R&F5

In honor of his debut album The College Dropout turning 10 years old today, we take a look back at the trials and tribulations of Kanye West. This is the conclusion of a five-part series. Part V: Hubris   “I’m the abomination of ‘Obama-nation’…” In 2013, Jay-Z and Kanye West didn’t appear on each other’s […]

The Rise & Fall of Kanye West: Part IV


In honor of the 10-year anniversary of his debut album College Dropout, we’re taking a look back at the come-ups and setbacks of Kanye West. Part IV: … And Found And Then Lost Again All of Kanye’s experimentation with art would culminate in 2010 with the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Ye’s fifth […]

The Rise & Fall of Kanye West: Part III

Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift 2009 VMAs

In honor of his debut album The College Dropout turning 10, we’re taking a look back at the trials, tribulations, comebacks and set backs of Kanye West in a five-part series. Part III: Lost & Found “I done played the underdog my whole career/ I’ve been a very good sport, haven’t I, this year?/ They […]