Here’s Five Reasons To Attend The 2013 Edition Of A3C [@a3c]


Today, the All Three Coasts Festival or A3C for short will take center stage in Atlanta, GA and much like last year’s festivities, plenty will be spread out throughout the city just for different takes on hip-hop, film and culture. And while we’ve made certain to indulge in everything Atlanta has to offer musically (minus […]

All The Players Came: The 2012 A3C Recap


It’s taken a little while to soak in but given that 2012 has undoubtably been the year of the festival, we had to break down what occurred in Atlanta for the 8th annual A3c Hip-Hop Festival. Some moments were shared with liquid inebriations, which is never a bad thing and others were shared with heavy […]

A3C 2012 Looks To Change All The Rules


Ed. Note: As media sponsors for A3C for the second year in a row, our coverage of the event will expand on all the fun and misadventures we got into last year. For recaps of our three days in Atlanta covering the festival, see day one, day two & day three. Here is our festival […]

A3C 2012: Tech N9ne, Gunplay Among Initial Artists Announced For Festival


Last year we travelled to Atlanta for A3C 2011 and if you missed our fun there there’s always the backlogs to deal with. This year’s festival will submerge ATL with nothing but the best indie hip-hop from all across the country from October 11th through the 13th and the first batch of artists performing have […]

Jon Hope, Roger & Taktix’s A3C Mini-Doc

Earlier this month, we flew (and drove) to Atlanta for A3C. Obviously there were thousands of stories to be told aside from ours while out in the ATL and here’s another one from Jon Hope, the former Mista Mista & Taktix. From general interaction to show performances on the outdoor DJ Booth stage, the highs […]

hasHBrown, A3C & The 2 Boots

“I’m not even supposed to be here yet…” Let’s set the stage for this particular A3C vlog from Houston’s own hasHBrown shall we? After some mingling at Noni’s Bar & Deli, the Houston rapper/producer decided to sample some of the greatness that is Gladys’ & Ron’s without necessarily knowing that Gladys’ & Ron’s has a […]

Your Day Three A3C 2011 Recap

The final day of A3C (click here for a recap of Day One & Two) had plenty to live up to. We know those who had been there since Thursday were running on reserved energy. Those who had decided to pick the final day for their first taste of the festival wouldn’t be disappointed. One […]

Your Day Two A3C 2011 Recap

Between a myriad of artists, panels, women, booze & food, the most solace the team found last night laid on a plate inside of Gladys Knight’s restaurant on Peachtree. Beyond the hectic atmosphere that is A3C is the general fact that the city itself is always busy, always bold about themselves with the sort of […]

Your A3C 2011 Day One Recap

If anything was learned from us randomly trekking for about four days in Austin, Texas, it was to simply be prepared to see any and everything, regardless of location. While A3C, the Southeast’s biggest hip-hop festival isn’t as outrageous as ATX is with SXSW, it does bring in a heap of beautiful women, food and […]

Your Day One A3C Itinerary

If you’re out in Atlanta like half of the Day & A Dream Team happens to be, then you’re here for A3C. The largest hip-hop festival in the Southeast kicks off its seventh year of existence with a mammoth day one including panels, producer battles, live performances and more all at Masquerade. Before all that, […]



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