West coast genre-bender Gypsy glides into 2020 with fiery and edge with the visual for her latest single Bite Me Up. A high energy record, with a witty, fun Blade Runner spin, Gypsy gives heavy millennial Hesta Prynn vibes with her new, upbeat track.

Directed by Story Mode Studios, Bite Me Up establishes Gypsy as an otherworldly voice as she is sucked into a computer program and goes head to head with villains gunning for her demise. A mesh of vivid color and cool, techie after effects, Bite Me Up is a standout record as Gypsy maneuvers effortlessly over a wide variety of soundscapes and Jimi Hendrix guitar strings.

The tale of a hero conquering bad guys, and converting them into her followers like any good Girl Boss would, Gypsy’s Bite Me Up is a new pop mantra as the multitude of far-reaching things she has in store for the future become clearer.