Here’s my recap of the H-Town Sneaker Summit Winter 2019 session. (Spoiler alert: It was fun!)

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

The H-Town Sneaker Summit is the biannual event that I have looked forward too, each year since 2007.

It is a time for people, who consider themselves a part of the sneaker community, to do many things like:

Meet celebrities,

meet artists,

and most of all,

meet fellow sneaker enthusiasts,

Mr. Cooper | @hangnwtmrcooper333


3X OG Sneaker Summit Host DJ Oakcliff | @djoakcliff713

and yes, sneaker re-sellers and retailers

It was a fun experience and, even with all the multiple venue changes and the revolving door of vendors, I do look forward to this event.

Finally, a visual representation of serendipity:

This is a picture of DJ Luz (@_QUIUBOLE_ on IG) and I, take around October 2019. Notice that Tool t-shirt?

Same shirt at the H-Town Sneaker Summit, December 2019.

Take care and enjoy your holidays!