A reality-based record fueled by the romanticism of Soul music and the sheer emotional intensity of Hip Hop and R&B, Midwest artist NandoSTL’s single Outside is a fresh, new wave; evoking a spiritual awakening within listeners that questions the status quo and reinforces individualism. Directed by Nico Nel MediaOutside is a perfect depiction of NandoSTL as he meditates stoically in the midst of abandoned, crumbling buildings and finds his center amongst the madness.

A true musician at his core, NandoSTL fell in love with music as a child, both in church with his grandma and at social club events with his grandfather. He gravitated to the drums and, over time, embraced his other musical talents and his innate ability to transform the energy of a room with his music. A newcomer on the scene, NandoSTL is candid and transparent on Outside – sharing his testimony as he opens up about his past and his journey to escape his environment and his own self-doubt. 

With an astounding solo from violinist Blake Hernton – perfectly blending his classical edge into the beat – and breathtaking vocals illustrating an emotional portrait from beginning to end, NandoSTL’s latest release proves he is the master of his own fate. Animated and authentic, Outside is an enlightened mantra of the over comer; a constant reminder that the light shining on at the end of the tunnel is emitting from within oneself. 

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