Travis Scott & OG Chase B are making their debut in retail.

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My favorite artist from all of the young(er) guns in music is Travis Scott. To watch his come-up, from pre-Owl Pharaoh to Days Before Rodeo (my favorite project of his), and fast-forwarding to his most recent project, ASTROWORLD, has been nothing less than beautiful

Now, he’s got a store. A real STORE! (BTW, I wrote an article about it, which you can read here. It is in the Rice Village of Houston, TX, near long time streetwear and sneaker seller, Premium Goods.

The second ASTROWORLD festival is coming this weekend (November 9th) and what a better way to celebrate it than to have an EXCLUSIVE NIKE SNKRS PASS drop, which happened a day before this article was posted.

Sadly, I found out the drop about 20 minutes after and I was not able to lock in a pair for myself. Would you like to see how they look? Look no further:

The store opens today and if YOU got a pair, you have until 7pm CST to get your sneakers and these shoes are sure to be a reseller’s dream.

P.S. – Before I go, yes, its been a while, I know (Things are good. No need to worry y’all!)