“Real Is Rare” is another visual released from Pryce’s latest mixtape Not Afraid of Heights

It’s expected for fans to go social media crazy when they see a famous person, but for the celebrity, it could become overwhelming. Every moment doesn’t need to be captured by social media and that’s the message that film director J. Crump display in Pryce’s new video “Real Is Rare.”

In the beginning of the video, Pryce links up with a beautiful lady for what seems to be a date. Everything is going fine until the woman kills the intimacy by trying to capture the moment for social media. Like Pryce says “We was tryna catch a vibe,” but “nowadays we just tryna go viral.”

It’s like phrase good deeds should be done with intention and not for attention. When everybody has the intention of going viral, it can be difficult deciding who is real and who isn’t.

This video “Real Is Rare,” is a visual expression of some of the complications that comes with celebrity status. The next scene is Pryce paying the parking meter when a fan runs up trying to get a picture. Not saying that Pryce is right for his behavior, but at least he’s providing insight from a stars perspective. Not every time does a person want to be filmed. Check out the new visual for “Real Is Rare” above.