Prepare to “Blame the Mimosas” when #MimosaMania touches down in Houston on Labor Day Weekend 2019.

Next Saturday, MimosaMania goes off in Houston as an unofficial Labor Day Weekend kickoff. Tickets for the event range from general admission to VVVIP Sections, but all attendees can expect to experience hand-crafted mimosas, good food, and a very, very good time.

It all starts at 12 noon on Saturday, August 31, 2019, at Chapman & Kirby in the EaDo district, 2118 Lamar Street. Tickets can be bought off MimosaMania’s official website here.

Labor Day Weekend will already be packed to the brim in Houston with BBQs, day parties, pool parties, themed parties, and all white parties to say the very least. So what makes MimosaMania stand out from every other move next weekend? We sat down with the event’s founder, Lo, to find out exactly that. Spoiler alert: handcrafted mimosas are 75% of the reason why.

MimosaMania didn’t become an event until it did.

Back in 2015, Lo had the initial idea to develop an app that folks could use to look up the best brunch go-to spots in their city or any city they were visiting. But she used her real-world background working in investment banking to take it to the next step. “After working with other people in the company, and asking them what else needed to be done and what I was missing,” Lo explained, “they gave me the idea to do a ‘promo event’ to launch the app.”

Lo is the first to insist that she’s not a party promoter – no shots to party promoters, by the way – but she is a good host. She literally wrote out a list of words that she wanted people to associate with her event and built off that.

“There’s day parties… and then there’s MimosaMania.”

The first MimosaMania was set to be in Dallas in 2016, but the infamous shooting incident there at the time caused that plan to change. The second attempt was in winter 2017, when Houston hosted the Super Bowl, and while Lo was proud of it, the weather kept it from its max potential (though Lo insists that, despite the elements conspiring against them, “everybody had a really good time”). 2019 appears to be the perfect timing for MimosaMania to really succeed, taking place during a holiday weekend at a nice East Downtown venue; and it gets to capitalize on Houston weather being less unruly than usual.

“Consider 2019 the reintroduction of MimosaMania to the people,” Lo promises. “It’s going to be the start of the #MimosaMania brand.”

MimosaMania’s name and logo (which Lo designed herself) have nothing to do with wrestling.

Lo insists that the aim for MimosaMania was to play on people’s nostalgia – the event logo is similar to the WWE’s “WrestleMania” logo to give potential attendees a familiar feeling.

“But you know what else is nostalgic?” Lo asked. “House parties. So you’re going to be at a day party, but it’s going to FEEL like a house party. And what’s the best part of a house party? One, the drinks are flowing. Two, you feel comfortable but relaxed and you know you’re being treated well. Three, it’s hella dope people there and there’s an uptempo vibe. And four, there’s always something to do. You’re not just milling around or holding down the wall. That’s the type of environment MimosaMania is going to have: it’s going to be festive and it’s going to be active.”

Plus, Lo liked the fact that MimosaMania “rolls off the tongue” when you say it. Catchy, for sure.

Why MimosaMania is different

“There are a bunch of events and brunches out there,” Lo acknowledges. “But my underlying mantra for this brand, is that ‘There are day parties… and then there’s MimosaMania.’ You can go to a day party, or you can come have fun. You can go have a typical brunch, or you can come get lit. My intent is to bring a family, feel good, diverse, ‘feel at home’ vibe to our event – and I think that’s what sets us apart.

“I wanted people to be able to do more than JUST drink mimosas. Let’s be clear: MimosaMania is ABOUT the mimosas. I want people to try every one of our specialty mimosas – but to me, part of being a good host means, I’m not even gonna make sure don’t HAVE to try every mimosa, but you ARE going to find the right mimosa for you.”

Speaking of those specialty mimosas. “OJ and champagne is your typical day party mimosa – but we’ll have mimosas with things you wouldn’t think to put together. There’s going to be a Cognac mimosa, for example, and a Crown Apple mimosa, to name a few.” There’ll be an on-site masseuse, and outdoor games as well, like Mimosa Pong, the Connect Four and the Jenga. “But I want people to get that vibe that I have about life in general, at MimosaMania,” Lo says. “I had fun, and I might not remember it ALL, but I definitely remember that I had a great time.”

Lo chose people she trusted to help her bring MimosaMania to life.

“I chose the people I’m working with because they believe in MimosaMania, but beyond that, they believe in me,” Lo explained. “I’ve collaborated with my best friend, Evelyn Ogundana, since the very first one, and she always thought of the things I may have forgotten. I also have people that I trust who have a history of putting on great things themselves. The team is composed of people that know how to throw a good party and make sure folks have a good time, but also they know the logistics that go into making an event successful and are great with getting stuff done. And that was important, because if I had done it all myself, I would’ve been burned out immediately.”

Did someone say giveaways?

Officially, MimosaMania has been giving things away since it was first announced at the end of July. In fact, they just rewarded a group with a free VIP section as part of their Instagram promotion last week. But not to worry – attendees will have the chance to win something at the actual event, as well.

“MimosaMania is officially sponsored by Korbel and El Jimador,” Lo shared. “But our giveaway sponsors are VelvetNoir Beard Co., Glazed, Tribal Addiction (a company that specializes in African print accessories), Chick-Fil-A, and there will be makeup bag giveaways, as well.”

And just in case you get overwhelmed by the mimosas, don’t worry – food items will be on sale at the event, as well.

MimosaMania is about the mimosas – but it’s about making a lasting impression, too.

“I want everybody to come!” Lo says with a laugh. “The numbers do matter, but at the end of the day, even if only 50 people show up, I want them to be able to say they really enjoyed their time. It’s about people being able to associate quality with the MimosaMania brand. I want people to say ‘they did what they said they were gonna do and that made me feel catered to.’”