Modernica does it again. This time, it’s with a graffiti twist.

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As many of you, who read the blog, know, I am a fan of Modernica. For those who are just coming to Day & A Dream, here’s a quick synopsis of the brand:

For over 25 years, Modernica has proudly built each piece of furniture, one-by-one, at its five-acre campus in Los Angeles.It has been family owned and operated since it opened and is home to a world-class upholstery and wood shop. Modernica is responsible for revitalizing the almost lost art of high-pressure fiberglass molding. The factory is home to the historic fiberglass presses and specialized machinery that has been used in the production of thousands of chairs for over three generations. Since 1999, Modernica has steadfastly produced the chairs as they were originally created, preserving fiberglass chair legacy and craft.

Modernica’s latest collaboration is with Brooklyn based KRINK, the first ink and paint marker brand for graffiti-writers. With this, they have decided to combine their forces on the classic fiberglass shell chair. Here’s a quick description of the chair:

 The Modernica x Krink Upholstered Fiberglass Shell Chair with Eiffel Base features designs based on original art by Craig Costello, founder and owner of Krink. Costello’s painting showcases an interest in the balance of controlled and uncontrolled features where cascading paint is dictated by the pressure he applies with his unique tools, as well as gravity and chance. The stark contrast of black and white accentuates the form of his lines and shape of the chair. The chair consists of a Jet Black fiberglass shell, upholstered in custom printed black and white fabric, black edge trim, black wire Eiffel base, and a Krink logo plate.

A simply beautiful chair. Only 100 exist. They drop on this coming Thursday, exclusively on