Indea Nikole

A heartfelt infusion of lyrical grace, sensual sounds and intense melodies, R&B goddess Indea Nikole is back with her sophomore project Butterfly Effect. Comprised of ten emotional tracks defining the meaning of love, purpose and understanding, Butterfly Effect is Indea Nikole bare and open as she pours out her everything into each song for listeners everywhere. 

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Indea Nikole began experimenting with music at an early age after watching her mother sing around the house. By 10 years old she was writing music of her own and, after leaving home at 15, Indea ventured into the realm of creativity; forever aiming to reach the highest heights and influence a generation through song.

Unafraid to reveal her soul to the world, Indea Nikole’s Butterfly Effect is a love letter to fans everywhere. Embracing vulnerable and defying the limits, Indea is a tangible figure on each record; providing a safe space for listeners to vibe and ride the rhythm and the blues.