By now, we should all know that hip-hop is the go to music genre in the world. With hip-hop music being consumed and created all over the world, and in every different race, Lucid and Nasty Kane is living proof that hip-hop has evolved and thriving, even on the local scene. Watch their new video “Ice Cold.”

Normally when you think of white rappers, it’s either one of two things, culture vultures or Eminem influenced emcees. Lucid and Kane are neither. They are two white boys, who live turnt up white boy lifestyles. No they’re not trying to be black, nor are they jumping on the track aiming to prove their lyric abilities by spitting amazing bars.

Lucid and Kane, from Houston’s south side, are just young men who are turned up and love making music. The new age rockstar duo may not have gained notoriety in the main light yet, but they’re definitely working.

Already signed to Chedda Da Connect’s We Run It Empire, already has a reputation for getting lit, and now they’re taking off on the music blast with the new record “Ice Cold,” produced by Oh Ross.

This film shot by Ike Obot, keeps the new age rockstar tandem frosty all throughout the video. Being that the song refers to having iced out jewels, the visual used special effects to produce an ice cold snowy setting.

For more information on Lucid and Kane, check out the interview they did with Hip Hop Central News.