The PMV CEO’s latest single has him reaching out to take what he believes is rightfully his.

“This is my time! This is MY city…”

Picture My Vision (PMV) Entertainment took their talents to SxSW last week, making a second consecutive appearance in Austin. The Mo. City-based half-label, half-brand has seemingly spent the start of 2019 in the shadows, especially considering how their 2018 was extremely busy.

Perhaps the whole time, they’ve just been plotting a “Jack Move.”

Prior to showing up in Austin last week, Sea (aka PMV’s “CEO”) shared “Jack Move,” his first solo single in some time and in a way, Picture My Vision’s first chess move of the year. As the label CEO, Sea tends to joke that no one would see him coming as a rapper, and there’s slight truth to that: Sea’s appearances on “Threestyle” and alongside Doughbeezy on “The Realest” on 2017’s PMV Mixtape Vol. 1, for example, caught many listeners by surprise.

“Jack Move” is far more aggressive than either of those tracks, however. It opens with its threatening hook, Sea demanding that the producer “give me that beat, fool!” and pressing forward with a fast flow. At times, the punches Sea throws might even make one laugh (“I can take ya chick and take advantage/ You can keep ya chick, and get no panties”). But “Jack Move” is about sending a message: that Sea’s daughter is his main motivator, that every step he is a move towards a bigger one, and that he’s very serious about shifting the culture in more ways than one.

On Monday, PMV Entertainment gave “Jack Move” an official set of visuals to match. With Bremby Films behind the lens, the video bears cameo appearances from Sea’s fellow Visionaries Rice and Jay-Von. One minute, Sea delivers his bars in a black jacket, stomping towards the camera on an abandoned rooftop; the next, he’s posted up in a skateboard park. With his face highlighted by a blue light, Sea says he’s the one “who’ll influence your rhymes/ better yet, that influence your lifestyle.” Fittingly, Bremby Films closes out the video with Sea overlooking the Houston skyline, throwing his hands out before it as if to say the city is his and PMV’s for the taking.

Watch the video for SEA’s “Jack Move” for yourself up top. The single can be grabbed now off iTunes now.