The Luna Brujita shares the last song – or should we say, the final spell? – from her upcoming Sol Soliloquies project.

Houston weather has been wildly inconsistent the last few weeks, but luckily, the sun is on its way.

And by “the sun,” we mean “the sol.”

And by “the sol,” we mean Eimaral Sol.

The Houston-based singer’s Sol Soliloquies project arrives at the end of this week, and promises to bring messages of positivity, self-reflection, and most importantly, trusting yourself when you can’t trust anyone else.

But the lovely singer has a spell or two left to cast prior to Sol Soliloquies‘ arrival. After sharing the official visuals for “Y” two weeks ago, Eimaral Sol made Soliloquies’ outro track, “Greenthumb,” available to the public last Friday.

Frequent Sol collaborator Guess has always experimented with sounds on his tracks, and “Greenthumb” is no better example of that. The producer lets the beat ebb and flow like water, but tosses in elements of snares, light strings, and drums (as well as warbles and keys barely detectable in the background). It’s layered, and it keeps adding layers up until the beat gives way to feature Lyle Harrison’s guitar solo and Eimaral’s spoken word at the end.

“Don’t do a disservice to your purpose…”

And yet, despite all the changes and evolution “Greenthumb” undergoes over the course of its five-minute runtime, Eimaral Sol’s voice flourishes over all of it. In a break from her usual singing, Eimaral actually takes on a flow for most of the track. Like “Y,” “Greenthumb” addresses doubting thoughts, but this time towards a potential lover. “Careful who I let in  – they ain’t always who they show you,” Sol sings, before admitting that she’d like someone around who she can “cultivate their energy” and they return it back to her.

She saves her best proverbs for the song’s final minute, when she stops just shy of preaching by planting seeds in the listeners’ ears so they can grow into being better people. It’s almost ironic: Eimaral Sol spends the track looking for a “greenthumb” and even asks on the hook, “Have you seen one?” Turns out, a “greenthumb” is exactly who we’ve been listening to the entire time – Eimaral herself.

Take a listen to Eimaral Sol’s “Greenthumb” single, featuring Lyle Harrison, for yourself down below. The singer’s much-awaited Sol Soliloquies LP, on which “Greenthumb” appears, touches down Friday and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes.