The One Famm ambassador shares a music video for his “No Slippin'” single.

“Stacks big as Houston, but I don’t need a Rocket…”

When Nique calls himself the best rapper in Houston, he’s not just talking just to talk. Even as his upcoming project has remained in the chamber being perfected, Nique hasn’t allowed to himself to slow down. If a single wasn’t dropping, then a freestyle of his was making its way onto Twitter. He simply refused to get caught slipping.

He refused to so much, in fact, that he dropped a song named “No Slippin.'” And that song, the rapper claimed, changed the trajectory of all his plans.

The rapper revealed on Sunday – not coincidentally, his birthday – that Best In Houston would officially release later this month. But prior to that, Nique dropped off an official music video for “No Slippin.”

Premiered by HoustonHipHopFix, the video for “No Slippin” doesn’t do too much – at least, not until Nique posts up in a high-rise with a gorgeous young lady (Lian Bailey) and decides to show off on us all. Director Ryan Day kicks things off with Nique stepping out of the barbershop after getting a fresh cut. And if as legend goes, a fresh cut is supposed to give a Black man superpowers, it puts Nique into full stunt mode. He can kick back with his homeboy and smoke a J. He can post up in a garage, his golden chain sparkling in the darkness as he delivers his rhymes. Or, he can break out his token pink robe and show off on us all from a high-rise in Houston, with a gorgeous young lady (Lian Bailey on Instagram, by the way) keeping him company.

Watch Nique’s “No Slippin” visuals for yourself up top. While Nique’s Best in Houston EP won’t touch down until March 23rd, “No Slippin” the single can be grabbed now off iTunes.