If you don’t love yourself, you’ll never see the beauty within. That’s the lesson in Eimaral Sol’s “Y” music video.

It’s crazy to imagine but more than a year has passed since Eimaral Sol dropped “Y,” the song that would come to be lead single for Sol’s debut project, Sol Soliloquies. But maybe that’s a testament to how powerful the track is – that more than a year later, its empowering message about believing in oneself despite the world’s attempts to keep you bottled up inside, still resonates.

Which is not to say the Killeen-born songbird spent that year doing nothing. In fact, when she wasn’t touring with fellow H-Town rapper TAME, The Aspiring Me off the strength of their collab single “Time Travel,” she was polishing, crafting, and recrafting Sol Soliloquies with her frequent collaborator and producer, Guess. Soliloquies is set to take over the entire month of March before dropping on March 22nd; and that takeover began last week, when Sol shared the official music video for “Y.” The video was previously premiered last month at a private listening for Sol Soliloquies.

This is a visual representation of a song created by a wounded healer on the journey to freeing and elevating herself and others mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. When one becomes aware of the absence of self one can align more authentically with their true vibration and resonate on a more comfortable level of consciousness. Perhaps this is the freedom we seek. – Eimaral Sol

“Y” is as much about tough love as it is about self-affirmation. “You goin’ out and gettin’ wasted,” Sol sings, “just cause you hate it – don’t wanna face it.” But you’ve got to love yourself better than that in order to be free, Eimaral insists.

Director D.C. Boson flips between shots of a “young Eimaral Sol,” seeing models in a Latin pageant, being captivated and inspired by their beauty and wanting to find her own; and the present-day Eimaral, surrounded by the instruments that let her be herself and seemingly carefree in a park. The video even pays homage to Sol’s moon witch (“Luna Brujita”) persona, with a short clip of the singer perusing tarot cards by candlelight as books about witchcraft stick out in the background.

It’s all meant to say that you can’t unlock the best of you until you’re comfortable with you. And while that’s a message that Sol Soliloquies intends to communicate as a whole project, the “Y” visuals do a damn fine job of making that point clear.

Watch the music video for Eimaral Sol’s “Y” video for yourself up top. Sol Soliloquies releases on all streaming formats on March 22nd, but you can grab “Y” now off iTunes.