The 7TEEN5 ambassador preps his upcoming HOME LP by sharing its lead single, “Wednesday.”

Last February, Mike Checc formally announced himself to the public with The Checc-In, his sophomore EP and arguably one of the best projects out of Houston in 2018. With DJ Candlestick of The Chopstars alongside him, Mike Checc led listeners through his life experiences, marrying solid storytelling with impeccable wordplay. In the process, he put his 7TEEN5 brand in people’s heads and his street proverbs in listeners’ heads and hearts.

A little over a year after The Checc-In, Mike Checc is picking up where he left off. The emcee has a new album, HOME, due out later this month. And on Wednesday, Checc shared the album’s lead single, fittingly titled, well, “Wednesday.”

Mike Checc’s measured flow flourishes over “Wednesday’s” Milldizzy and $outhern-produced beat, which starts off subtle and gradually grows into something more thumping and sinister during its three-minute run-length. On the single, Mike reflects on both the way things are and the way he wishes they would be. He devotes energy to friends turned foes (“When I took that leap, it was just me and God ’cause n*ggas’ll tell you, you couldn’t,” Mike raps. “The same ones that cross you, the same ones that look in your eyes/ and tell you they wouldn’t”) and to those who’d rather be followers (“a lot of these n*ggas just do what they friends say,” he remarks on the track’s hook).

But it’s not all bleak on “Wednesday,” as Mike focuses on the positives, too, the loyal friends and the moments with family. Life may not always be good, but it does have its good times… even if the good time is merely a contemplative smoke on a Hump Day.

Take a listen to Mike Checc’s “Wednesday” single for yourself down below. The rapper’s HOME project releases this weekend, and Mike will celebrate the release with an official listening event Friday night at BeauxCoo Daiquiris & Cajun Eats.