The self-anointed “Hot Girl” of H-Town shares the official music video for her TINA SNOW single.

2018 was arguably the best year in a very long time for woman emcees. In addition to heavy hitters like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj rolling out strong projects, rappers on the rise like Leikeli47, the City Girls, Rico Nasty, and Noname – to name a few – put themselves in the conversation and refused to be ignored.

Megan Thee Stallion, too, got a piece in 2018. The Houston-bred “Hottie” went from going viral on YouTube in 2017 to dropping strong single after strong single from that point forward. Thee Stallion shared one of last year’s most underappreciated albums with TINA SNOW, a 10-track affair that had anthems for days. But it also showcased that Megan was just as good at dropping radio records as she was at crushing freestyles.

One of the standout cuts from TINA SNOW, “Big Ole Freak,” became an instant fan-favorite. A bass-heavy record that had Thee Stallion unapologetically talking up her sex game, “Big Ole Freak” was catchy and had immediate single potential. It set crowds on fire during her live performances. Instead of having to choose between a woman was either sexy or intelligent (the rapper is on course to graduate from Texas Southern University with a degree in Health Administration), Megan Thee Stallion reassured us that it never hurt to find one who could do both.

With TINA SNOW catching a second wind following Megan’s signing with 300 Entertainment and the emcee teasing a follow-up in her upcoming Fever EP, the rapper opted to give “Big Ole Freak” a set of visuals on Thursday.

“Big Ole Freak” begins with a pan-out shot of Megan Thee Stallion in a hot tub full of bubbles, red latex bra and gloves on and red balloons around her almost like cherries in whipped cream. From there, director Munachi Osegbu puts Megan’s assets on full display in every way – one minute, she’s spinning around in a metal ring; and the next, she’s popping out of a cake (with “FREAK” spelled out in silver balloons before her. Beautiful women can be found in every corner and Thee Stallion rides a carousel horse (ha!). As Megan so eloquently puts it on “Big Ole Freak’s” hook, “He beggin’ me for the treatment/ he throw a fit when I leave it.” This video might indeed cause quite a few fits, from men and women alike.

Watch Megan Thee Stallion’s “Big Ole Freak” visual for yourself up top. The track appears on Megan’s recent TINA SNOW LP, out now on iTunes.