Marian Mereba releases her The Jungle is The Only Way Out project with an accompanying “visual EP.”

“Little did I know, there was a lesson for me inside of you…”

You’d expect the wilderness to be a place of danger and chaos. For Marian Mereba, however, the jungle is the place where she finds her peace.

On Tuesday, the Ethiopian-American singer-songwriter and Spillage Village member dropped off ‘The Jungle is The Only Way Out,’ her latest album. But she tossed in an added bonus for both fans and newcomers to her music as well: an accompanying mini-movie. Or, as Mereba herself put it, “a visual EP.”

While ‘The Jungle is The Only Way Out’ is a full album, the visual EP is called what it is because it features only four of the album’s twelve songs: “Get Free”; “Souvenir”; “Stay Tru”; and “Sandstorm,” her haunting collab with JiD. Each song fits perfectly with every “chapter” of the video, from Marian linking up with a stranger (who becomes her lover) at a kickback to the singer dancing in a blue dress both alone and with an elder figure.

But the visual EP makes every second of its seven-minute runlength count. Director Dawit N.M. – with whom Mereba co-wrote the project – catches the singer’s best angles in every way, whether she’s posted up in a tree in the desert or just waking up from a discouraged slumber as her lover lingers in the background. It’s gorgeously shot, too. Dawit N.M. catches the yellows and oranges and reds of the sunset as Mereba and her friends dance along the shore of a beach. He makes the colors pop in every scene, and even in the video’s sole grayscale shot, the attention to detail is stunning.

“You start dodging the devil the older you get…”

But the expectation is that the visual EP will open the door for viewers to experience the album. And ‘The Jungle’ is indeed an experience.

Mereba’s vocals are as lush as they are versatile throughout ‘The Jungle.’ She can slip into a hip-hop mode and channel Lauryn Hill like she does on “Black Truck – extended version” and “Planet U.” She can cast a seductive spell over a marriage of tinkling keys and AfroBeats on album standout cut “My One.” Or she can float over an acoustic guitar and strings (with chirping birds tossed in for good measure) in a gentle lullaby, the way she does on album closer “Souvenir.” The entire album is subtle in some ways and powerful in others.

Watch Mereba’s “The Jungle is The Only Way Out” visual EP for yourself up top. The accompanying album features 6LACK and JiD and can be grabbed now off iTunes.