The Houston rapper brands herself “Kennyiana” and puts men and women in their place on her latest freestyle.

At a time when everyone and their mother is offering up remixes of Blueface’s breakout single “Thotiana,” KenTheMan said she wouldn’t do one.

The Houston emcee with a rising star hasn’t been shy about taking other artists’ beats and smashing them to smithereens in freestyles, all in the name of counting down to her upcoming debut album What A Beautiful Fucking Day. But Ken has never been the type to follow the crowd, and this was going to be the one song she didn’t freestyle over.

At least, until she did.

Last week, KenTheMan finally gave in to what she called her friends’ peer pressure and dropped a short clip of her “Kennyiana” freestyle on Twitter. And in what has become typical KenTheMan fashion, all it took was social media getting ahold of it for it to instantly go viral.

Three days after delivering a one-minute clip out the drivers’ seat of her car, KenTheMan has given her “Kennyiana” freestyle its own complete audio version. “Kennyiana” the single contains all of the caption-worthy lines of its predecessor, from “a n*gga tryna cuff – I told him I ain’t done hoein” to “I’m tryna find the biggest freak for the week/one that never get tired, he gon’ eat til I’m sleep!” It also tosses in a nod to 21 Savage’s “Bank Account” and acknowledges Blueface himself in a line about money talk. But the actual single itself is two minutes long, meaning extra time for quotes for days. “It’s Kennyiana, baby, I’m every n*gga’s fantasy,” Ken raps slyly, “He said this p*ssy started f*ckin’ up his sanity.” 

“Kennyiana” balances the rapper’s ability to brag about her sexual prowess while also showing what KenTheMan can do when she’s focused. But the track also reminds listeners that the game is the game: women are perfectly fine with getting their issue and sending you on their way when they’re done, too. So don’t play yourself.

Listen to “Kennyiana,” KenTheMan’s take on Blueface’s “Thotiana,” for yourself down below. Ken’s What a Beautiful Fucking Day LP is on the way soon.