The Houston crooner shares the first single from his upcoming ‘Alondra’ EP.

Where the hell has Wolfe de Mçhls been? The Houston producer-crooner popped up here and there on records throughout 2018, but as for dropping records for himself? It seemed like he’d gone missing.

Not, it turns out, without reason. The Wolf of H-Town actually took his talents out West for a second to hone his craft, and he’s all but implied that in 2019, you’ll be hearing him in a few major places. Before that happens, though, Mçhls has an EP in the works, Alondra. And last week, he shared the EP’s first official single, “Emotions.”

“Emotions” is as much an experience as it is a song. Wolfe’s production lays out a lovely background, with strings and snares working together like a conducted symphony. Meanwhile, Mçhls’s vocals shine out, casting a spell as he takes the listener on a three-minute journey through the ups and downs of the heart. “All I need is to be myself,” Wolfe sings, and he’s right. Because who knows how to deal with what you’re feeling better than you, right?

Take a listen to Wolfe de Mçhls’ “Emotions” single for yourself down below. The crooner’s Alondra EP is coming soon.