Legs, liquor, and a dash of lust: all this and more pop up in the Houston singer’s latest music video.

The inconsistency of the weather this month has prompted an unexpected extension of Cuddle Season. Kicking it at the crib and kicking back instead of stepping out has never sounded nicer. All you’d be missing is the company.

That’s where Damaria comes in. The Houston songbird – who first turned heads with her “Never Find Another” single back in 2017 and the release of her Love Overdxse EP just last year – doesn’t think men should be the only ones pulling up and shooting their shot at what they want. “Damn Pride,” track numero uno off Love Overdxse, says exactly that and more. Damaria recognizes that the man she’s made her target has options (“Do ya thang, no, I ain’t mad at all,” she sings, after remarking that he “switches out a few hoes). But she also recognizes that, to use her words, he’s not satisfied and “that temporary love ain’t enough.” Damaria presents herself as the cure to his restlessness, the missing puzzle piece in that man’s life… IF he can prove that he won’t waste her time.

Fittingly, in the month of love itself, Damaria has given “Damn Pride” a set of visuals. The Monstarus Media-directed clip begins with the lovely Damaria walking out of her apartment and getting on an elevator with another man. She’s clearly caught his eye, and try as he might to appear unphased, he’s just as attracted to her. It’s almost as if she’s made certain she stays on the man’s mind.

This exchange of energy between the two carries over into the second half of the video, which doubles as a visual for “Friday Night (Interlude).” After grabbing drinks with her friends, Damaria pulls up at a park where the man is playing ball with his boys. Damaria eventually leaves to go hang and turn up with her friends later that night, but while she’s there, the two exchange knowing glances. All this as if to say, go after what you want, ladies – and if you don’t, at least leave him looking as you walk away.

Watch Damaria’s “Damn Pride” music video for yourself up top. And, as an added bonus, you can peep the Behind The Scenes video for Damaria’s upcoming “Questions” single – full of obvious nod’s to BET’s classic “Making The Video” series – down below, as well.