Check out this interview with the regional streetwear brand, Stay Av8ted, as we discuss the brand’s origin and its future.

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A couple weeks ago, I went to The Tipping Point, to help them celebrate a product release with a luxury candlemaker, @DetroitWick. As always, I meet up with some of the coolest people there, one of which is affiliated with the brand in this post. Check out our conversation below and be sure to leave your comments below because we want to read what you think.


Please tell us who you are and where you are from.

We are StayAv8tedCo & we coming straight outta Houston.

Give us your streetwear history. What got you into streetwear?

What got us into streetwear? That’s a great question, man. The glory days of streetwear are what got me into streetwear: the Freshjive, Lemar & Dauley , The Hundreds, LRG days! Back when the streetwear community was a small, almost secret society & you had to go search for these brands because they weren’t sold everywhere. Those were good times.

How did STAY AV8TED come to be?

StayAv8ted grew from our love of streetwear, fashion, & sneakers. Our head designer was creating customized shirts & jeans, & painting sneakers prior to the beginning of Stayav8ted, so clothing & creating things was something that we had been doing. Our passion for creating is really what led us into starting a brand.

You’ve had some interesting pieces over the years: the tech jacket, an interesting Activis t-shirt, but my favorite piece has to be the Amerikkka hoodie. Tell us your inspiration behind it.

We draw inspiration from our daily lifestyle, the things we love: music, sports, sneakers. Every piece we create has some kind of backstory & personal connection to us. We want to tell a story through clothes & give a little piece of us in every piece that we drop.

What do you have coming in the near future?

This year we got a lot of big things poppin’: pop ups & collaborations with a few other brands here in the city! We want to bring Houston to the forefront of this culture, its a lot of people out here doing some amazing things & we think Houston should definitely get more credit.

Give some practical advice to an younger person who has aspirations to become an explorer [in the realm of streetwear].

My advice to anybody is follow your heart & do what you love! Whether its starting a brand, being a rapper, an artist, photographer, if that’s something you want to do pursue it. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can & can’t do! Anything’s possible if you put in the work!

Go to the StayAv8ted website here and be sure to follow them on social media at @stayav8tedco.

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