‘Birdland’ by Ichikara Valdez

Versatility is the word when it comes to producing music, and Ichikara Valdez of Killem Collective has proven this over and over again – and he’s wasting no time in 2019 reminding us just who tf he is. Tribal vibes take over all 3 minutes and 19 seconds of the song, rife with heavy bass and the occasional shout in the background.

‘Birdland’ is the first single from Valdez’s soon-to-be-titled EP. A blend of house, dance, electronic, Baile Funk, and lo-fi Hip-hop, the feeling of the low tones and drums is almost sinister, and puts the listener in the frame of mind of a grunge-like ’90s party in the basement or back room of a secluded warehouse. The song is perfect for Valdez’s revival and the return of Killem Collective in full force, almost saying to the listener, “Get ready. We’re coming.”

‘Birdland’ is available on all streaming platforms. Check out the song below.