Repping for Day & A Dream, I got a sneak-peek invite to experience my first Selfie Pop-Up installation. Here’s how it went.

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

This past Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience a Selfie Pop-Up. Short answer: it was pretty cool.

The location of the event was Booked Design Space (1210 Hawthorne), a new “full service event space in the heart of Houston”. This space is the brainchild of media & design wunderkinder, Alexandria Greene and Corey Ivory. They decided that, in order to properly debut this new venue, they had to use it as a way to celebrate “Black Culture & History Leading to Love”.

So, to give you all the inside scoop, I decided to bring my wife (who was my photographer) and a couple of friends along to show the space. Check out the photos below and if you are looking to go there, I will include the link to buy tickets below. The installation will be open the entire month of February. **BUY TICKETS HERE**