Houston’s DJ Green Villain and cultural curator Kelsey “Kels” McDaniel team up to shine a light on the city’s lesser-known but just as deserving music acts.

DJ Green Villain is starting off his 2019 strong. The Houston musichead has gained a following very quickly, due to his being booked throughout the city, the gems he posts on his Soundcloud page, and his mashup mixes on Twitter attracting all types of fans.

But if home is where is the heart is, then DJ Green Villain has never shied from showing Houston love. He uses his platform to elevate other Houston artists – both musical and visual – who may be slept-on. In 2017 and 2018, respectively, DJ Green Villain hosted events that served as music and art showcases for hometown talents. And his mashups often include nods to classic H-Town cuts.

Which is why it’s no surprise that the Houston DJ is keeping that same energy going with one of his latest mixes, “Houston Indie Love Vol. 1.” Picking up where his “The Independents” series on Soundcloud left off, DJ Green Villain linked up with Houston cultural critic and DreamLifer turned HustleGrade co-founder Kelsey “Kels” McDaniel to put together a blend of selections from the H’s more underappreciated acts.

Shortly shy of a half-hour in length, “Houston Indie Love Vol. 1” lifts tracks from Houston-bred projects like DeLorean’s Empty Goals LP, My’Key Iso’s Last Name Iso LP, and Erva Carter’s Transformer EP from last year, and Jett I. Masstyr’s Decorative Pillows and Tony Dark’s The Tony Dark Project from 2017. You may recognize the likes of Jack Freeman, George Young, Eimaral Sol, Brice Blanco, and Don Toliver amongst the mix. But tucked between the smooth transitions are other Houston artists you might not know you needed to know – like King Khayno and Faith $wayy, to name a few. They may be independent, but they certainly won’t be unknown for much longer… especially if DJ Green Villain has anything to say about it.

Take a listen to DJ Green Villain’s “Houston Indie Love Vol. 1” mix, co-curated by Kels, for yourself down below.