Here’s my first TOP 5 END OF THE YEAR LIST! Read it and share!

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I STARTED writing this WAY before the end of the year, because I didn’t want my article to get lost in the proverbial sauce. Also, I was on a cruise for a whole week and then Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve / Day…

I had a great time this past year in the streetwear world, from AGENDA 2018 in Long Beach, to the H-TOWN Sneaker Summit, to Sneakercon Houston, and back around to Complexcon in Long Beach. It was awesome. So, from all of that, I present my top 5 lists for 2018.



This is my favorite brand hands down. Their seasonal lines are becoming more and more daring, with bolder colors and more 3m material, but still holding true to their simple/clean aesthetic. Year ending FTP collab “Lock-Out Kit” = WOW.


As we progress to 2019, you will start to see that workwear is the new move for streetwear fashion. Carhartt & NIKE (finally) doing a collaboration is evidence of this. Not only are the clothes durable for everyday, but Carhartt WIP is showing itself to be as one of the top cut-and-sew brands in the world.

Polo Ralph Lauren

50 years is nothing to sneeze at, and POLO/RL is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year. To be one of the classic brands, you have to be able to appeal to everyone, and Polo/RL does this with grace abounding. Not to mention, I found some dope Polo Bear socks for $9.99, but I can’t tell you where just yet!


This past season, I had a chance to cop a couple pieces from Supreme this season for myself and the wife. I got some camp caps because these were the ONLY pieces I could get, without getting beat by the bots.


Shoutout to Modernica for allowing me to have a personal tour of their facilities. Modernica is, at its most fundamental level, furniture meets streetwear. Beautiful products. Awesome staff.


                                                        BEST SNEAKER

Nike Air FOG 1

This shoe design, which is one of the newest silhouettes in the NIKE pantheon, is a testament to sticking to your guns. Jerry Lorenzo, the founder of Fear of God, stated that when he met with NIKE, they had a plan that was totally different from what developed. He is an example of what a resilient genius does in the face of adversity.

Jordan 1 x Union

The throwback feel of these sneakers is a lesson in doing it right! The colorway of the shoes allows for a plethora of outfit choices. UNION LA came out the gate with this, not just once, but TWICE!

Nike x Carhartt AM 95

I dig camo. What can I say? Readily available, so that everyone could grab a pair.

Nike Air Force 1 Velvet Rose

These were the first Air Forces that caught my eye immediately, without gimmick or hype.

Nike x Atmos Safari Air Max Pack

Yeah, the ENTIRE pack. Fire.


                                                   BEST RETAIL STORE

The Tipping Point

One of my favorite stores in Houston is The Tipping Point. They are a lifestyle streetwear retailer that has been on the rise for the past 10+ years.  Not only did I do my Fashion Merchandising internship there last semester, but they also hosted rising star rapper Tobe Nwigwe’s “The Originals” Album Listening event. Final reason you should check out the shop? PRENEUR.

Premium Goods

If you want sneakers and a brand that represents Houston, through and through, look no further because PG is the place to be. Whenever I get a fix to find some kicks, I go to Rice Village, on Times Blvd. and check out the latest sneakers. My reason for putting them on this list? I had the privilege of working a James Harden adidas sneaker release installation that was at Toyota Center and PG hosted a meet-and-greet for the fans the previous day. Also, their second ideation of their PremiumHOODS shirt series was a classic idea.

Kickin’ It ATX

When it comes to streetwear and sneaker retailers, many people may not think of Austin Texas as being a go to spot. To me, NiceKicks and Complete (RIP) were bubbling from the early 2010’s, and it only was going to go up from there. Kickin’ It ATX is the best shop concept: they have a video game console area, a bar, and most importantly, the coldest sneaker selection in the heart of the well-to-do area known as “The Domain”.

Apt. 4B

All that I can say is that the shop, Apt. 4B, is a New York tenement, transplanted in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles. You have to see it for yourself. Nothing like it on the planet.

                                                    75th & Canal Co.

I met the owner of this store, during the Kickback Sundays at SF2 on the Northside. DJ Prolyfic was one of the resident DJs of that event, but as I saw him more, I noticed he had more on his mind than the music. It was moreso about bringing his brand alive. Alive in a way that could not be stationary. It had to be mobile. What way to better express that than having a mobile shop? Don’t say I did not warn you. It’s one of the most unique and dope shopping experiences you could ever have. 

                                                 BEST VINTAGE SHOP                                                                                   Imperial X Empire

Where do I begin? The Shogun and his newlywed wife, Chelsee, have a vintage conglomerate on their hands with Imperial X Vintage. They did one of the coolest NIKE Pop Ups EVER! They also did it IN THE GALLERIA, no less! Their new shop looks amazing! I also found a jacket there that I have been trying to find for at least the last 2 years. Glad I found it there.

                                             Round House Vintage

The best kept secret [shop] in town is in the back of The Tipping Point: Round House Vintage. The owner, Fabricio, has a keen eye for Polo pieces, rugby shirts especially. I got a couple of rare ones off of him for a great price. Another thing that I dig is that his whole family is involved with the business side. He is raising his son up in the business. Though the space is comfy, he uses every part to its fullest potential.


This shop has one of the largest collections of vintage Carhartt pieces that I have seen in the city. They also share the space with another dope re-seller, LEGIT FITS. Go check them out and tell Julio I said what’s good!

Round Two (LA Store)

Sean Wotherspoon is living the vintage reseller’s dream. With multiple locations open nationwide and a whole sneaker collaboration (with more to come, hopefully), Sean shows not signs of slowing down (check out that alliteration!). When I had the opportunity to see them, I was under the impression that they were in just one space. Boy was I wrong. In L.A. alone, they have 3 spaces: one for the private label, one for band tees, and one for the hype stuff. Pure genius.


Right up there with Imperial X Vintage, Options Trading Co. is a perfect space for retail related events & pop-ups. Right up the street from Texas Southern University, they get a huge influx of college kids that want to stay fresh. Who knows what’s next with Options. Only time will tell.


Thank you all for your patience. The holidays came, went and we still prevailed.

Trust the process y’all because its gonna be a ride for the ages!