Lee-Lonn starts the new year off right with new single "Talk"

Lee-Lonn has never left the music scene, and he is reminding us early this year of his promise to release new music (as if we could ever forget). Popular Houston artist and producer Lee-Lonn marked this return to releasing new music with a new single, “Talk.” The artist released the song January 3, just a week after re-releasing songs from years prior, almost as a refresher course on what he’s put out before and as a precursor to his newest single.

Although it has been historically difficult to place Lee-Lonn in one genre, “Talk” is most reminiscent of a funk/soul vibe than his ventures into R&B. There is even a small rap breakdown that we don’t usually hear from the audience, adding layers to the single’s already-rich sounds. At first listen, it sounds as if the song is about relationships, but according to Lee-Lonn, it is more about proactivity and actions being more effective than conversation. He said, “I was annoyed with all the talkers who surrounded me, including parts of my old self. I produced this banger for the doers in life.”

“Talk” is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, and iTunes.