With so may gimmicks and trends in today’s Hip-Hop, every known and then a comes a very talented “average Joe” who breaks through. In Houston, that person is Mo Corleone.

When I say “average Joe” I mean just that. Nothing fancy. Besides, the lyrics, nothing special, it’s just Mo being the voice of the regular people from his section of Missouri City area. He’s a clear product of his environment and it’s evident in his “Pound Cake” freestyle.

The Last Breed Entertainment rapper takes pride in spiting what he calls “reality rap” and in this track, he keeps it so real that he let’s you know that he works two jobs just to make it. It doesn’t get any realier.

This “Pound Cake” freestyle is dedicated to his friend Skyler Jones, who is currently locked up. If this song was to get to the jail where Jones’ is locked up, the entire cell block would feel this.

A track that represent’s his hood, nothing fake, no materialism or gimmicks, just reality rap. He’s giving you his perspective from the regular blue collar working guy.

Not sure if this track will be on the 29-year-old’s up and coming project True Story,but it’s definitely worth listening to.

Check out Mo’s freestyle below.