Classic meets contemporary on Bahamian singer Khiara’s “Waiting On You” single.

Some people are defined by a moment.

For Khiara, her defining moment may have come a decade ago, when she was named Miss Universe Bahamas in 2009 and went on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. But in the time since then, Khiara has sought to define herself as something more.

Now Houston-based, the Bahamian beauty poured her all into music, sharpening her skills as an entertainer and singer-songwriter. And as 2018 was winding to a close, Khiara shared the most recent fruit of her labor, a single entitled “Waiting On You.”

“Waiting On You” marries a classic feel with a contemporary sound. Part of that is due to Houston producer Russell “Guess” Guess laying down a Bossa Nova-style beat in the background. Guess slows things down to a hypnotic speed with kickdrums and a snare during the verses where Khiara sings, then picks up the tempo whenever the hook hits. He even lets the drums cook in the song’s final seconds, adding to its live performance feel.

But Khiara’s voice is a perfect companion for Guess’s nostalgic instrumental. Light but powerful, Khiara’s vocals seduce and take hold of the listener instantly. “You always keep me rollin’/ keep me comin’ back, every time,” Khiara sings, describing the effect her lover has on her. He has a spell on her – not unlike the spell Khiara herself casts during “Waiting On You’s” four-minute runtime.

Yes, some people are defined a moment. Khiara’s just making her next moment comes with plenty more fans. Take a listen to Khiara’s “Waiting On You” single for yourself down below; and if you like what you hear, you can grab it off iTunes now.