Danny Bvndz began his rap career only eight months ago and in such a short period of time, he’s seem to master the art.

Alief native Danny Bvndz got his foot in the door of Houston’s Hip-Hop scene as a club promoter, who had a decent relationship with Dj. Mister Rogers. About eight months ago, Danny told the high profile D.J that he wanted to make music, Mr. Rogers, as any DJ would to to most up and coming rappers, did take him serious. Fast foward to now, Danny just dropped his newest project Never The Less and I bet he not only turn Mr. Rogers into a believer, but many other doubters.

The 12-track project is his debut mixtape and is compiled with the contemporary sounds of today’s Hip-Hop game, minus the mumble rap. Danny Bvndz gives us smooth cool track, substance and the rare sound quality production. For a local and rising artist, Bvnds modernize sound makes him industry ready.

From the into “Alone,” listen will hear that he’s on another level. His melodic flow fused with, echoing beats is a rare sound to be found Houston.

The following track “Stay Down” is one of the more radio ready songs. Catchy hook, nice sound, and substance filled. “Stay Down” is like a lyrical blueprint on how to stay in the game. He explains that ths game is filled with hi’s and lows, but through it all, you must sat down.

“A lot of people haven’t reached their peek in this industry or life itself because they couldn’t stay down. Life comes at you in many different ways, but if you fully believe in your vision, just stay down and it’ll all play out.”

“Rollin” is the hardest song. Bvndz is talking that talk on there and the production gets you going. On the track he describes a lifestyle that’s rock-star like, no secret why the beat is rock influenced.

Bvndz is from Houston so you know he had to include a song with the nolgastic sounds of H-Town. “Hide and Seek” is the ultimate riding song. Comes on cool and smooth because obviously it’s for the ladies. At the end of the song, he pays homage to the D.J Screw era by slowing the song down.

The last song “Vien a Mi” Bvndz take us on a trip to his El Salvadorian and Colombian roots. The song is sung in Spanish it’s a great look because he caters to his heritage. In all, Never The Less proves that Houston is transcending it’s previous common sound and is moving with today’s industry sound. Enjoy the complete body of work below.