What are you thankful for? (Thanks to www.TheShoeGame.com for this slightly modified Norman Rockwell.)

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

I am giving you a special post today, because I plan on hanging with the family for the Thanksgiving holiday and not posting a blog, at least until next week.

I really just wanted to express my gratitude for a few people and things that I will list below:

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The wife. Dara is a huge portion of where my support comes from. Without her, I would not be anywhere close to where I am. Through it all, I love you and that will NEVER change.

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The friend/homie/partner in rhyme. Tomnique is the brother from another mother (and father). I have been fortunate to have not only attended college with him, but also be in one of the dopest rap groups ever, Dirty & Nasty.

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More friends from music and fashion. Jay Bee Zay, the bearded guitarist; Chris Whaley aka DJ Soul Brother Chris; Black Rose aka Oscar (owner/founder of Heavy Metal Racket); Andy, owner/founder of LAUX Company; FlygerWoods fka Airborne. I am proud of all of these individuals and their respective endeavors.

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All people who I have met because of streetwear: Brad & Hope from Day & A Dream;  Takashi Murakami, legendary artist and creative director; Joe La Puma, director of content strategy at COMPLEX; Alex Galdo; Mike & Kareem of A Herd of Bison; Trel of Set Sail Apparel; Van Styles, personal stylist to the stars; Greg Grovey, owner of Kicking It ATX; Fabricio & his son, owners of Round House Vintage; Drew & Chelsee of Imperial X Empire.


Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Please continue reading and I will continue writing. Peace and love.