Check out this capsule to commemorate the platinum anniversary of the hilarious Adam Sandler comedy.

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Now, as always, I must be honest with you, the reader, about how I feel when it comes to streetwear. FOR THE MOST PART, its checks over stripes over here (#shoutout to Travis Scott); however, this capsule takes the cake.

The movie, The Waterboy, starring Adam Sandler et. alia., is the story of a young man-child, Bobby Boucher, who lives in the swamps of Cajun Louisiana, with his mother, an overbearing divorcee, who feels that everything, outside of herself and her home, is “the dey-boil”!

Fast forward, Bobby’s only skill is running the water table for the fictional university, SCLSU (South Central Louisiana State University), and upon learning that he has an explosive tackle, the coach (played by Henry Winkler aka The Fonz from Happy Days) secretly recruits him to be the newest defensive tackle for the Mud Dogs.

It’s been 20 years and the flair of this film show no signs that it will leave the minds and hearts of people who like a good ol’ fashioned underdog movie. adidas decided to take a stab at making the jersey, cap, and coach jacket from the movie.

Now, you may be thinking, “I have seen this before”. Yes, you have. The first time the Bobby Boucher jersey was produced was by sneaker store VILLA x Blood’s Thicker. It was a part of a greater released, co-signed by de facto king of the throwback jerseys, Fabolous.

The adidas collaboration drops on tomorrow, 10/19/18; the jacket is $100, the cap is $30 and the jersey is $120.


Tell us which one you think is better: VILLA x Blood’s Thicker or adidas?